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Norway football fans – Rosenborg need help

Odd-Mjøndalen 3–2 (1Lerkendal1)

MØNDALEN LEADED TWO Sometimes he had two at the bar and defended himself like lions. Odd ran the game, had the ball most of the time and the margins when needed.

The penalty that gave 2-2 (78) can be discussed.

Torgeir Børven's tenacity when he led the man who was the cause of Mjøndalen's soul goal (3-2 / 78) can be further discussed.

BUT CHANGES Nothing in the world. Odd is still the best team in the elite house (11-3-0). Mjøndalen is one of the unluckiest. And the sum of it is what occupies many in Norwegian football.

Rosenborg Season 2019.

ODD IS ROSENBORGS nemesis in the 2019 season, at least as long as the thrones can keep Viking at bay. It's the third place Eirik Horneland and company fixed their eyes when it all started after the first eight games of the spring party.

It was the third-place goal that led RBK to repay Bjørn Maars Johnsen's loan to AZ Alkmaar.

THREE ROUND SERIES BEFORE Finally – Bodø / Glimt (H), Viking (B) and Ranheim (H) – must follow Rosenborg's path so that Norway's biggest football team lands on its feet this season. From now on, the Trunders with just one Trund in the starting lineup of the last match of the series, Gjermund Aasen against Strømsgodset, six points behind Bodø / Glimt (2) and four points behind Odd (3).

When you don't have it in your own hands, it means you need help.

Everyone who knows the louse in the hallway knows what that means.

Problems, frustration and nervousness.

AFTER DRAWING I Drammen, currently the last of an unknown, painful and pillaged season in Lerkendal, said Eirik Horneland that Rosenborg must win the last three games to have a chance at the top three and Europe 2020. I believe that. Rosenborg can't count on anything.

They just have to deal with it.

WE DO NOT NEED wait a long time. Already Friday, Odd is going to Bergen. On Saturday there is a small final canopy forecast between Haugesund and Viking in Rogaland, and on Sunday evening Bodø / Glimt arrives in Trondheim. The Euro-2020 table behind the Champions League contender Molde looks like this:

  • 2 Bodø / Glimt 51 (+20)
  • 3 Odds 49 (+8)
  • 4 Rosenborg 45 (+10)
  • 5 Viking 43 (+10)

GO ALL ROSENBORGS On the way to the 28th series, they will suddenly have the cutlery, not to mention that they will have Europe 2020 in their own hands. If all goes wrong – that is, Odd wins Brann and Bodø / Glimt wins Lerkendal – the last two rounds of the series will be irrelevant.

The first, two away wins, can happen quickly, where Rosenborg is now is the team's trademark fragility and lack of flow.

The second, that Rosenborg's season may end in the unattractive sense a month before the World Cup final, is an almost impossible scenario to assume.

HOW FULL It's a fact that bothers RBK more than good. At the same time triggers Odd and Bodø / Glimt. Not to mention the rest of Norwegian football. Nils Arne Eggen is right to say that many of the criticisms directed at Lerkendal refer to envy. But it is also a nation that is entering the success of the RBK. Indeed, it is not true that the truth set by the rotation that was read and adopted in the 1990s, that all that is good for Rosenborg is good for Norwegian football applies in 2019.

Outside Trøndelag, it's really such that it's okay for someone to win too.

And that others also have the opportunity in Europe.

MJØNDALEN (15) HAS Ranheim (16) at home next Sunday. Both teams have 24 points and are two behind Strømsgodset and four behind Tromsø. The team that loses this fight moves down.

If there is a draw, and Mjøndalen has drawn 12 times, it is likely that both teams are going down.

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