Nittedal – Information about measles


The health center has received several inquiries from concerned parents who have questions about measles and vaccination.

So far there are no reports of measles in someone living in Nittedal.

Measles vaccine / MMR vaccine is given when the child is 15 months old. The vaccine given before 15 months of age has an uncertain effect and therefore, an extra dose may be required.

The council of the municipal council is to follow the common vaccination program.

If there is a concrete suspicion that children under the age of 15 have been exposed to infections and are not vaccinated, you should contact the health center or the doctor as soon as possible.

Children who have not received a vaccine should be kept away from people and environments recently reported in measles.

Posted: 01.04.2019 13.01
Last modified: 01.04.2019 13.01


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