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Increases more than expected.

Netflix has been able to capture more new customers than expected and reports that it is not afraid of Apple + and Disney +.

Very close to 150 million

That's despite the fact that Netflix has increased the price per month and the fact that Disney + is launched at $ 7 a month while Netflix costs $ 8 depending on the quality and number of devices being streamed . THE

The pple has not yet revealed the price of its service, but the library will be scarce and therefore they will probably have to praise equally or underneath the new Disney service.

New top list

With respect to specific numbers, Netflix increased from $ 125 million to $ 148 million, bringing nearly 10 million (9.6) of new customers in three months, something more than planned.

The company also announces a new service to be tested for the first time in the UK, and there is a new "top 10 list of the week" for those who want to watch what the rest of the world finds exciting and fun.

Netflix is ​​not afraid of competition as it believes there is room for more in the market, as many have not yet cut the cable. They believe that "they will continue to grow as they invest in more content."

Undoubtedly, Netflix has an edge there, but are they able to continue year after year when Apple can serve its service on hundreds of millions of devices?



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