National Theater Station evacuated


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The fire alarm goes to the National Theater station and the station is evacuated.

the case updated.

He informs the police on Twitter Tuesday night. Smoke should be smoked in the area.

– Emergency data is on the way, if there is a smell in the station area. The fire alarm is discharged and the unit evacuated, police write on Twitter at 8:05 pm.

A little later, smoke divers entered the station area. There is currently no localized fire, they write. Subway traffic is normally occurring as normal.

"There were security guards at the station who discovered some possible smoke and so the fire alarm was activated," says Christian Krohn Engeseth of Nettavisen police.

White smoke has been detected decreasing within the season, says Engeseth. The station has been closed for a while, but now it's open again.

"It seems that the smoke can originate from a passing diesel locomotive." The station now opens and train traffic is resumed. The pasta leaves the place, writes the police.

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