Movie Report "Loro": Sex, Baptism and Politics


"LA-DI-DA": Toni Servillo as Silvio Berlusconi in "Loro". Photo: Gianni Fiorito / Selmer Media

Populism is a wet dream in this non-traditional, luxurious and brilliant film about Italy by Silvio Berlusconi.



Italy. 15 years. Director: Paolo Sorrentino.

With: Toni Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Kasia Smutniak.

5 out of 6

Sergio (Scamarcio) is a cocaine trafficker with unrealistic political ambitions. His neighbor on Paradise Island, where he spends his weekends, is Silvio Berlusconi (Servillo).

Silvio is among the prime ministers and is being separated from his second wife, Veronica (Ricci). He will not help Sergio, and will not see anything in his baptism either. He is not stupid.

But he can let Sergio organize a "bully" party for him while Veronica is abroad, yes? After all, the baptismal trafficker has a tent with 28 girls awake in a model he keeps with ecstasy and partying. And he "can get more"!

"BUNGA BUNGA" ARRANJO: Riccardo Scamarcio in "Loro". Photo: Gianni Fiorito / Selmer Media

"Parrot" is by no means his daily political portrait, let alone a movie in the traditional sense. In fact, the main character of Paolo Sorrentinos ("The Great Beauty", 2013) lavish and explicit masterpieces inspired by Fellini does not reach the film until after three quarters.

It is 45 minutes that seem like a dream of psychedelic ecstasy, an orgy in the pool, and establishes Sergio as the participant observer of the film, as Marcello Mastroianni was in "La Dolce Vita" (1963).

Sorrentino portrays Berlusconi's Italy as a brothel, charmed by idiot television shows and guilty lies. "It looks like poop, but it's not poop," Silvio said softly, "What you say does not have to be true, as long as they believe it." The head of state is the most pious salesman in the nation.

"Altruism is the best form of self-interest," says Berlusconi, who has two fatal weaknesses: hunger for flattery and youthful skin. The power, Berlusconi seems to think, is something that is acquired for, as an old man, to regret for what was deceived as a young and poor.

In other words: here must be searched.

ALL THE WOMEN OF THE PRESIDENT: Giovanni Esposito, Toni Servillo and Kasia Smutniak in "Loro". Photo: Gianni Fiorito / Selmer Media

The director does not cling to the temptation to call the president unacceptable or simple. On the contrary, Sorrentino's Berlusconi is intelligent, the politician Don Draper, a dream traveler, a populist politician like others in other countries, will model with great success (the parallels that it is possible to call Donald Trump here are endless ).

Yes, the director even shows a certain sans by Berlusconi's weaknesses. Especially all sex – Sorrentino seems reasonably envious of it. It also does not subvert the charming pages of Berlusconi. Silvio is a demon to sing sentimental lubricants. For example.

"You have the charisma of the river," says one of his gentlemen, "You bring freshness and well-being." Silvio agrees and believes that he is "familiar with the script of life". The prime minister cultivates and defends his lower instincts with considerable vitality.

At least until a clever 20-year-old boy arrests him ("his spirit reminds me of my grandfather"). Then the self-image is broken. And how does a snake oil salesman get when real disasters occur? And are aerial castles no longer adequate to reassure the population?

GIRL LIKE SA "NO": Alice Pagani in "Loro". Photo: Gianni Fiorito / Selmer Media

"Loro" is not a complete portrait of the politician or the person Silvio Berlusconi. It is not to be either. (The prime minister is usually called only "He", to emphasize that the film is inspired, not "based on Berlusconi's biography").

Many will think that the film is very unfocused – yes, practically two movies in one (the first 45 minutes and then the next 135).

It is undeniably a mosaic experience, a bastard; "Loro" certainly can be accused of "not leaving". The same charge was directed against Fellini many times.

but for it's bastard for some scenes and for some sumptuous photos! Yes. This is film, given.

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