More problems in Halhjem-Sandvikvåg: – We think that this could not happen every day, but it does


Three grandparents desperate for repeated trouble with the North Torghatten ferries. "It just does not work.


Wednesday morning, the Vegtrafikksentralen announced four scheduled matches due to technical problems in the E39 Halhjem-Sandvikvåg ferry connection.

There are departures at 11.00 and 12.40 in Halhjem and departures at 11.50 and 13.30 at Sandvikvåg, which are hit.

It is on route 1, with M / F «Huftarøy», technical problems have arisen, according to Vegtrafikksentralen, which at the same time informs that a new vessel is on the way.

"Huftarøy" is one of the new ferries on the connection and the same ferry that was to be delivered in March – just six days after being put on the route.

– Departures on Route 1 will continue until further notice, writes Vegtrafikksentralen on Twitter.

This month, water entered the engine room with the new MF "Færøy", also in transit on the Halhjem-Sandvikvåg link.

– Get rid of us since Christmas.

Just before midnight on Wednesday, a family on their way to Stavanger arrived at the ferry port in Halhjem.

"All the boatmen are in front of us and they say there are technical problems," says the mother of BT's family.

She talks about lots of space on the ferry when they arrived, but that was quickly filled.

As BT talks to her, she sees a ferry arriving at the dock.

"We've gotten away from this trip since Christmas, and that's because of all the trouble with the rafts.

– Being too stupid

On Tuesday, the ferries did not reach the jetty due to the fog, and on Monday there were technical problems in Halhjem-Sandvikvåg.

The three-year-old mother, BT, said that they spoke before the trip to travel with Fjord Line, but that they got along well.

"We do not think it could happen every day, but it does." All is not well with the unpredictability of these rafts.

However, at home again, it becomes Fjord Line, she notes.

– Because this is so stupid. It just does not work.

BT tried to contact the director of Torghatten Nord, so far unsuccessful.


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