More events with the bus last night


MORE EVENTS: The Russians took several emergency calls in the eastern part of the night on the eve of Easter. Photo: Illustrative image: Kyrre Lien, NTB Scanpix

One was sent to the emergency room with a deep cut on his head after being hit with a board. Another was sent in the same way after jumping off a Russian bus. Police moved to cause trouble in several parts of the country last night.

Although "Mai has come to you, gentle and kind" you will still have to wait for another 12 days to have police in eastern Norway, his hands were full after several reports of confusion on Easter night.

"My experience is that the activity starts earlier and earlier," says operations manager Ronny Samuelsen at VG's Eastern Police District.

And tonight, police precisely in the east had enough VGS graduates to deal with.

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Jumped out of russebuss

At 03:38, they moved in to report that a Russian had fallen to the ground after jumping off a Russian bus in Vestby in Follo.

"He fell headlong on the asphalt and was unconscious for a while. He was treated by an on-site ambulance and then taken to the emergency room at moss, says Samuelsen.

An hour later, at 04:26, police moved into reports of problems between two Russian buses in Vinterbro in hill.

– First we got the message that there were 10 Russian buses and about 200 Russians in the place. Some of the noise had given up when we got there, but we squatted in one that was wrapped. He gave the police a false identity and is now reviewed for that relationship, the operations manager elaborates.

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Many messages about noise

Samuelsen says police in the east received many messages about the noise and loud music of the Russians, especially in Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad and Follo, as well as something of Romerike.

"Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to move everywhere, because Russian is moving all the time when they're out and about. I do not want to say that something is significantly different last year than this year, but that's how it became with the Russian, says the operations manager.

The most serious incident in the district occurred at 06:05, when police escaped Enebakk after reporting that a Russian had been struck on the head with a board.

– We were notified by the Red Cross and he was taken to the emergency room on Ski with a deep cut on the head. The perpetrator has not yet been taken and police are investigating the case, Samuelsen says.

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Messages about the problem of ardis in Esso

Also in the capital, the Russians took emergency services to the police. At two-thirty, the police and the ambulance moved into messages about fighting at Esso in Alnabru.

– When we arrived, there were between 10 and 15 Russian buses in the place and many Russians. There does not seem to have been slossing, but a person is taken care of because he was drunk, Operations Manager Tor Gold Bran told VG shortly before 3 in the morning.

The rest of the Russian buses were invited to leave the Esso station.

Saturday morning, the interior police district also reports on the Russian bridge:

On Twitter, police write that during the night they received eight complaints of noise from Russian buses. Six of the Hamar area, one in Elverum and one complaint in Kongsvinger.

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