– Mold will find the wall


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The Molde is enjoying a great start to the table and a strong start to the season. They believe the timing is perfect for a meeting with the Trondheim archivist.

– It's good to beat Rosenborg. There will be a war here while we wait, says Moldes Ruben Gabrielsen.

The season has only four weeks, but after a strong start, Molde are at the top of the table and get an impressive 11-point lead for Rosenborg with a win at Aker Stadium. Vegard Forren received his dose of these settlements
and has nothing against sending the rival farther down in the mud.

"They know they've been here before at Aker Stadium, and we make sure they get that crash lift again. I hope we can make sure they get the shit, Forren says.

And Molde thinks they can boast the best stables now.

Yes, I mean. I also thought about last year. We just do not get the potential. It's still early, but now we're going, "says Gabrielsen.

It is not Nicklas Bendtner agreeing.

– I still believe we are the best team in Norway. We have not been able to show this until now, but come on, says the Dane.

And Rosenborg players believe there are several reasons why the moulders should fall.

"It's very much like it was last year when we first met." We remember well how it was, so it was delicious with a replay of it, says Rosenborg player Pål André Helland.

Helland intends to meet in Lerkendal a little over a year ago. Molde had almost the same starting point. A 7-point hatch to the canyons, but Rosenborg crushed the Moldo 4-0 and finally stayed as a series champion.

"They'll probably find the wall gradually." I'm sure of that, says Rosenborgs Anders Trondsen.

Pål André Helland had a tendency to fiddle. When Rosenborg celebrated the gold of the series at the Aker Stadium in 2016, he set his sights on the chefs of players and fans as he placed the Rosenborg flag in the center circle of the Aker stadium.
He has a dream scenario for the weekend game.

– The fight ends 2-1 for us. Helland scores after an incorrect decision from offside for extra time. The worst scenario for Molde fans, he says.


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