Microsoft has canceled plans for two new Xbox consoles –


When Phil Spencer, in a "shockingly shocking" way, confirmed that Microsoft was working on a new generation of Xbox consoles, it used consoles mostly, and very reliable rumors made it clear that Microsoft was working on two consoles. One will be a bit weaker and cheaper since it focused on streaming while the other would be a more powerful version, more like the consoles we know today. During this year's E3 fair Spencer and the trailer, we focused on the strongest focused issue, making many think that the plans have changed. This now seems very likely.

The trusted Brad Sams, who recently revealed just about everything Microsoft would show at the E3 show and has a good history of being right, spoke to his sources after the Xbox boss recently made it clear that it was just a new Xbox console. They claim that the so-called Lockhart Project console was canceled for two reasons. One is that the developers did not like the idea of ​​having to develop games for so many different consoles at the same time, while at the same time they could not take so much extra power as the strongest allowed. Above all, Microsoft should have realized that Lockhart was almost superfluous now that they are increasingly focused on Xcloud and the ability to play just about anything you want. As most people already have cell phones, tablets or the like, there would not have been many who saw the benefit of buying a console that, for reason, only does the same benefit.

So it looks like both the PlayStation and Xbox will launch a console each by the end of 2020, not two Xbox consoles and PlayStation 5 that were the foreground.


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