#Metoo – Not on guard!


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Look at the bottom of the case for the names of the politicians who signed the post.

We are elected women in love with our society. Now we put our foot down!


The last days of revelations about politicians who have lost their confidence and office due to sexual harassment and who have now been brought back into the heat, make us react.

Together, we have major challenges that need to be addressed: a planet that must be rescued, a change in the composition of the population with older people and fewer children and a changing labor market.

Politicians, ethics and morals

We, politicians, do not offer the same solutions, but we need the focus of all parties, the press and citizens to face the challenges we face. Unfortunately, important issues are being neglected by individuals struggling back to positions and political power.

Politicians manage trust, and therefore must be role models. We must put the list very high in terms of ethics and morality. The Metoo campaign led to sexual harassment and other offenses that were publicly publicized through a series of new cases in which a few were revealed. Several, including politics, media and entertainment, have lost jobs and positions after accusations and warnings are taken seriously.

Leader in the greatest team of Aps: – Giske should have left Ap in disgrace

# The Metoo cases seem to be forgotten

The awareness that has emerged from the media's enormous attention has changed attitudes in many environments and individuals. Several argued that the campaign marked a time difference in gender equality work. That these cases now seem forgotten by several parties in Norway politics undermine confidence in the system and politicians.

Political parties will administer ideas and policies on behalf of many. All of us involved, as members, elected representatives, and party organization, are pieces that together make the machinery work.

Politics in a democracy does not depend on a person's charisma and experience. None of those who have had to give up their jobs for # method scandals are irreplaceable. On the contrary, we have many people qualified to take off.

#Metoo should have solved people who abuse their positions of power. We are ready for new politicians who want to solve the challenges we face and who put the best of society first.

Antdreas Slettholm: In the shadow of a dancing Trond Giske (Ap), two other scandalized Storting politicians took cautious steps back into the jungle

Should not come back

Successful policies with holistic solutions to society depend on the recruitment of new politicians, men and women of all ages. We fear that the recruitment of young people to politics, and especially to women, will be affected when renewed confidence is given following #metoo cases.

Politicians who lost their positions after # metoo should not return. The damage they inflicted on their victims, the political debate and the parties in favor of their own power and ambition are difficult to put down. It takes a lot of time to build trust and can be demolished in seconds.

Let's solve the challenges of the future together. #Metoo should not be forgotten, and everywhere we will join forces to combat abuse of power and harassment.

Toril Merete Nysæter (Ap)

Ingunn Børresen (Ap)

Aud Rise M Riseng (Ap)

Inga Borud (Urban and Urban List, BBL)

Vigdis Stensby (BBL)

Mona Lønning Kjos (BBL)

Live Giset (BBL)

Christel Meyer (BBL)

Jane Meyer (H)

Gro Braathen (H)

Katrine Aalstad (Green Party, Green Party, MDG)

Agnete Børresen (Sp)

Charlotte Veland Hoven (KrF)

Borgny Nygaard (Pensioners' Party, PP)

Ranveig Kjelsnes (SV)

Farbia Fazelpour (SV)


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