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Meeting between Lagerbäck and Sørloth

TALKED OUT: Lars Lagerbäck and Alexander Sørloth had a meeting to laugh. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum

The coaches of the national team, Lars Lagerbäck and Alexander Sørloth, have been talking about the noise lately and claim that they started to laugh.

The Norwegian Football Federation press release is signed by Alexander Sørloth, national team captain Stefan Johansen, assistant coach Per Joar Hansen and Lars Lagerbäck. They state the following on the NFF website:

“Alexander understood that the form of communication was wrong, which he regrets and we agree on which guidelines apply to the national team.

As we know, shortly after the match with Serbia, there was a heated discussion. In a performance culture, it must be very high. This time the temperature was very high and the discussions went far from both sides.

After Sunday’s meeting, the parties are busy leaving the case behind.

“Alexander and the coaching staff emphasize that he did not say that coaches are incompetent, but Alexander regrets having argued in a way that makes them see it that way.

Alexander Sørloth, technical team and captain team talked and are eager to leave the matter behind and focus on the next international games “, concludes the statement by Sørloth, captain of the national team and the coach pair.

Norway’s next international game will be played on November 11 against Israel. November 15 and 18 await the League of Nations games against Romania and Austria. Norway is number two in its group, behind Austria in mutual agreements.

There was a storm over the national team after VG revealed details of the heated discussions after Serbia’s defeat. See the timeline of what happened here:

In closed matches, Sørloth would have expressed that he thought Norway should be better prepared to play against Serbia’s 3-4-2-1 and that a more offensive approach should be taken in this and other matches.

In the discussion about the game with Serbia, Lagerbäck had a Sørloth explosion in a match against Cyprus in 2018. Everything must have ended in a noisy fight.

– How dare you, who missed an open goal against Cyprus two years ago, say something? Lagerbäck must have said.

In the evening, the parties had a reconciliation meeting attended by national team captain Stefan Johansen.

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After the leak to the press, Lagerbäck and Sørloth presented their editions of the meetings in public, but their versions did not agree with each other. The Swede characterized Sørloth’s behavior as “unacceptable”, while the striker retaliated through a press release through his agent, Morten Wivestad.

After yesterday’s Bundesliga victory over Hertha Berlin, Sørloth declined to comment on the noise:

“I’m fine and I don’t want to comment further, the Leipzig player told Viasat.

Gøran Sørloth called on the parties to “finish this lubrication”, which the statement says they have already done.

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