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Man accused of threats to Mani Hussaini

According to the prosecution's decision by the public prosecutor in Oslo, the accused must, among other things, have written "You too are finished shortly. LEVE ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK" about the former leader of the AUF, the page of Mani Hussaini on Facebook .

This is only one of the conditions by which the man of his 60 years is accused. From June 2017 to May 2018, he committed a total of five violations of the Penal Code, including threats of threats, incitement to hatred, violence and frightening behavior.

Among other things, he should have hit a nurse in the face with a used anti-contamination cloth, which is used to protect the health professional from infection after having performed a wound count on him.


Mani Hussaini tells Dagbladet that he does not know or know anything about the accused man, but says that gross threats have impressed him.

"I remember thinking" he should be here, "says Hussaini, who believes it is good that the case now appears in court:

"I hope this is a criminal case in which this adult man learns that sending threats of murder is not pleasant," Hussaini tells the Dagbladet.

"At the same time, I hope the case will help clarify how the tone of social media occasionally leads to hatred, anger, and threats, and that others who write without impulse on Facebook think before choosing to kill someone," he continues. .

Breivik Shelves

The man accused of threats to Hussaini, according to the prosecution, must also anonymously send a series of hate speech packages and patches to MSF, a library in Oslo and home care.

He repeatedly pays homage to Anders Behring Breivik, Sylvi Listhaug, Hege Storhaug, and to the critical group of Islam Stop the Islamization of Norway (SIAN).

All the points he is accused of are apparently motivated by highly critical attitudes toward the immigrant. It is explicitly stated in the messages and corrections he has sent to the offended.

– Seriously

Police lawyer Andreas Kruszewski of the Oslo police district said they used a lot of resources to find out who was behind the events.

– It started with this, we received a review of MSF. We then received several new revisions in which the offenses were conducted in a similar manner before finally arising.

How do you characterize the gravity of this case?

– The most serious is the hate speech to Mani Hussaini, which is a priority area for the police. They are investigated by the hate crime group in the Oslo police district, and that rape has a sentence of up to three years in prison.

He does not want to judge the case by estimating the penalty that the man risks if he is found guilty of all circumstances.

The man's defender, Henrik Boehlke, recently received the indictment and therefore will not comment on how the client stands before him.

– I'm afraid

It was the police who reported the serious threats that the man should have against Mani Hussaini on his Facebook page.

"It's important and good that the police take it so seriously." Hate, racism, anger and threats should never be allowed, no matter how one speaks, says Hussaini.

He says that during the period as head of AUF he received many odious and threatening messages from several people – and says he thinks that many people refuse to express themselves publicly just for fear of being called after.

"I know many people who would like to become politically active, write something or think of something, but who do not dare because they are afraid of the wave of hatred, hatred and shit as follows.

He continues:

– Some believe that you can write what you want in social media, which is a sanctuary. But there are real people who get the messages, and there are real people who have to live with the heat and the threats.

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