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Saturday, the statement "Is not it just to say hello?" Published in NRK. It is written by psychology student Markus Sanden who argues that you have to dare to get in touch with people you see seem interesting and that you should not be so afraid of being rejected.

– Imagine living in a society with a culture where you do not feel like taboo to start a nice conversation with someone on the subway – absolutely no further. It would have been cool, he writes.

After the speech, there was a debate on the internet where several women wrote about the unwanted attention of the audience of unknown men who did not accept to be rejected.

"Men do not think of it like we do, women. I think it's important that they read about it, to see how unpleasant contact is common, says Christine Krieg to NRK.

Monday morning she started #VilleBarePrateLitt.

– I started the hashtagen early today after the debate started to take off. The comment fields were very bad. There were a lot of men who did not understand why this was a problem, so I thought I'd tell them, she told NRK.

Share unpleasant experiences

"It's not like I do not want to talk to people. I love it, but the problem is you never know what a rejection can lead to, and then someone might feel threatened, Krieg tells NRK.

Since she shared her experiences, the topic tag has received more than 550 tweets attached to it.

Most of the messages are from women who have gone through unpleasant and threatening situations in the public space. Common to the stories is that they were approached by men who just wanted to talk a little.

"What do you hope to achieve with this debate?"

"What I hope you can do is think of some extra time." Men think that what they want or want is more important than what we want. I hope they can read the experiences and think about them several times, she tells NRK.

– Surprised to be attracted to the #metoo debate

The sand says he wrote a chronicle about creating nice, nice, and valuable relationships. He also asks why it is only in some social arenas that it is accepted to get in touch with new people.

Markus Sanden

It's scary to get in touch with strangers and show their interest. But the psychology student in me says I should jump at him, writes Markus Sanden in his chronicle.

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"It surprises me that he has been drawn into the discussion of the method. However, I realize that there is an additional factor that women have to deal with, and I respect that, it elaborates.

He points out that the chronicle was not a "flirting."

"It's about relationships and why it's uncomfortable to reject, be rejected and get in touch with people," says Sanden.

"I understand that this can be limiting and costly for those who have experienced unwanted sexual attention that affects their experience of random interaction with people," he adds.

Surprised at how many men are involved

Krieg tells NRK that the response problem tag shows that it is still important to talk about topics that have also been addressed #metoo.

"Let's talk about it, but if it has any effect, I'm not sure. It takes some time to change people's attitudes, she says.

At the same time, she points out that she is surprised at how men participated in the debate, supported and applauded the subject.

– They encouraged men who did not understand to enter and read the stories. I think it's very good, she says.

One of the ones that encourages people to read about experiences is the profile of TV Aleksander Schau. In November 2017, he shared 24 tweets, where he made a relentless deal with Media Norway.

He does not want to comment on the case yet to NRK.

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