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MagSafe for iPhone – Magnetic accessories for Apple iPhone

MagSafe is the name of Apple’s smart charging plug for laptops. Ingenious because it used magnets that made it easier to connect – it just fit – and safer if someone tripped over the cable – because then the whole machine would not follow.

Much to the disappointment of many, however, the MagSafe concept was discontinued in 2016, when Apple switched to USB-C.

MagSafe for iPhone

But now they are bringing it back with the newly released iPhone 12.

MANY TEAMS: Apple’s new MagSafe solution consists of several different layers for connecting wireless equipment. The external E-shield layer must ensure secure wireless charging of up to 15 watts. Photo: Apple
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On the iPhone, the MagSafe is a magnetic ring around the wireless charging coil on the back of the phone. This makes it easy to attach compatible accessories by simply dropping them onto your back.

One of the benefits is that you no longer have to mess with it to properly place your phone in a wireless charger. It fits perfectly and therefore ensures that you get the optimal charging speed.

Apple made several different MagSafe accessories. They have regular lids, both transparent and the silicone variant in different colors.

They have a new wallet, in practice a card holder, which can be used with or without the cover. According to Apple, the wallet is protected so that the cards are not demagnetized.

Eventually, they also come with a leather briefcase that has only a small opening that allows you to see what time it is.

In addition, they have two wireless chargers, a very simple one and a dual variant that can charge the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

So, of course, third parties can step in with their accessories.

During the launch, Apple said Belkin is working on a car holder and a charging cradle. PopSockets also announces that it will launch accessories compatible with MagSafe, writes TechCrunch.

But what is the downside?

According to Apple, the new iPhone 12 supports faster wireless charging of 15 watts, up from the previous 7.5 watts. Okay, but you only get the fastest charging speed with Apple’s MagSafe charger, not a regular Qi-based charger.

15 watts has been the standard on Android phones for several years, and some charge even faster. Among other things, Huawei’s top model, P40 Pro +, supports up to 40 watts of wireless charging, and the OnePlus 8 Pro can handle 30 watts.

Whether it is due to a technical limitation or something else is not known, according to The Verge. If you want the fastest wireless charging possible on the new iPhone 12, you should use a MagSafe-compatible variant.

MAGSAFE DUO: Apple’s new wireless charger can be used with your iPhone and Apple Watch, and you can fold it up to make it easier to carry with you. Photo: Apple
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Nothing prevents other companies from offering this. But, as The Verge writes, these companies need to work with Apple if they want access to faster loading speeds and things like NFC.

– Ensures that Apple has control over MageSafe-related hardware and this faster loading speed, while suggesting that the company will get a share of the profits from MagSafe products, writes The Verge.

Apple’s MagSafe charger will cost SEK 479 when it goes on sale. It is not known how much the MagSafe Duo will cost.

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