Louis C.K Comeback – Slaughter Star Demands in Norway


The controversial comedian Louis C.K. goes on Easter to hold an exclusive show in Bergen. On both Friday and Saturday, the comedian took to the stage at Rick's Theater, where he will test texts for his big return show.

– Note: Louis C.K. try new material. XXX – adults only, says in the review of the program posted by the sites of the organizer Humorkollektivet.

Extreme measures

The 51-year-old actor, who is actually called Louis Szekely, has been out of the limelight since 2017 – when a total of five women accused him of sexual harassment while the drug campaign was at its worst. Several of them appeared with name and image.

When Louis C.K. this weekend he goes on stage in Mountains, Tyrthe corridor to extreme action to keep the content a secret. Neither cell phones, notebooks nor cameras are allowed inside the salon.

– If you want to use the phone, you have to go to a separate mobile area a bit off. Inside the lounge you will not have access. If we see someone recording, we will guide them and they will not pass through Louis C.K. in a small scene, says Bengt Ståle Tvedt in Humorkollektivet for Dagbladet.

– owe it to yourself

In order to impose the absolute ban, the organizer sets extra guard. The public can keep cell phones or smart watches, but they must be locked in so-called Yondr bags so you can not access them while you're in the hallway.

YONDR: The Yondr bag is locked with your phone inside. This way, you can hold the phone, but do not use it while you are inside the room. Photo: AP / NTB Scanpix
YONDR: The Yondr bag is locked with your phone inside. This way, you can hold the phone, but do not use it while you are inside the room. Photo: AP / NTB Scanpix
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– This is because he wants this fresh and good material when he will pitch.

Comrade colleague Bård Tufte Johansen is not surprised by the security measures.

– There the public can blame themselves. When it will test the texts and say that they will not get it, then it is posted on the web anyway, so that there will be many spreads and many problems. It's a shame, but understandable, he tells the Dagbladet.

Onanist: On Thursday, five women appeared in the New York Times and said that Louis C.K. masturbated in front of them. Now many draw this sketch of the world-renowned comedian. Video: Louie
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"Legal Resources"

However, if the program information leaked, the device around the American comedian did not hesitate to take action. On the ticket pages, it is stated that violations of the ban will be complied with with all "legal means available".

However, the lawyer Vidar Strømme, in the law firm Schjødt, does not believe that this will be valid. Streaming is a specialist in media law and doubts that such a ban can be kept in court.

"You can not ban him." The only thing you can say is that when you buy a ticket, you enter into a kind of agreement that you should not take a photo. You can see something like that at concerts, says lawyer Strømme to the Dagbladet, and continues:

But forbidding someone to reproduce what he said is so extreme that I do not think a court will accept it. In intellectual property law, someone has something called citizen's right, and one can not get it out of people through such a scheme of entry.

Strreams emphasizes that you can not use other people's intellectual property, such as writing and printing all the jokes of Louis. But you have the statutory right to quote.

– The irony of fate

When Louis CK now takes the stage in Bergen, it is as part of a larger return for superstars who fell deeply after the method scandal in 2017. Bård Tufte Johansen has been for many years a big fan of Louis CK, and did not let the sexual harassment scandal affect his view of the comedian.

– Standup is based on thinking that what is being said is true, and it was absolutely incredible to share your life. I was beaten to the ground for how good he was and still is. We read Hamsun despite his being racist. There's no reason why I should not think it's so much fun now, he says, and points out,

"He had a lot of masturbation and penis in his material, that both men and women laughed a lot. It is well done! So it's a bit of fate irony that was just what would get you out of the game.

STANDUPKOLGAGA: Bård Tufte Johansen (49) praises Louis C.K. to talk about topics such as children, relationships and being a man. Here from the Johansen Show
COLLEGE STANDUP: Bård Tufte Johansen (49) praises Louis C.K. to talk about topics such as children, relationships and being a man. Here from the Johansen show "Mann (44)" from 2014. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– The elephant in the room

The fact that Louis now performs at Ricks in Bergen compares to the fact that the Beatles had a major scandal, and then suddenly hit the Parkteatret. Although not even Johansen has the opportunity to be there, he is excited about what Louis C.K. does.

– He was very open that the accusations were true and that he had to retire and think a little. The elephant in the room is of course the case, but if he is joking, it may seem like he suddenly does not take it so seriously. It is important to believe in him and understand that he has done something stupid.

Johansen is also excited about Louis C.K. manages to cross the spell that is needed to be as rough and tough as he usually is on stage.

"The question will be if he can get through that he's the right type." This scenario depends on being tough and hard – very few, for example, will have a rapist who tells a crude joke.

Louis C.K. performs Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20. Bergens Tidende reports that after a huge interest, extra performance was mounted on Saturday. On Friday, another extra performance was set up as a move against the sale of black tickets. There is room for 430 people in the hallway. No media received tickets to the show.

MEDICAL HUMOR: Ricky Gervais performs close exams when he is involved in "Louie" as the doctor Ben. Video: Louis CK / Louie Show more
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The case of the top

Before you order, Louis C.K. tremendous success. He earned six Emmy Awards, and made a name for himself by writing jokes for talk show kings such as Conan O & # 39; Brian, David Letterman, Dana Carvey and Chris Rock.

According to The Guardian, rumors about Louis 'inappropriate sexual behavior have permeated the comedians' environment for years. When the accusations were known in November 2017, the comedian did not want to answer the charges first. Instead, he said the following:

"I inflicted a lot of pain on my family, my friends, my children, and your mother. Throughout my career, I've said exactly what I wanted. Now I'm going to step back and spend my time listening.

The comedian will, among other things, be dressed naked and start masturbating in front of women. After being squeezed from bullying for bullying, he admitted actions inappropriate for the five women who accused him. Then he said among other things this, which was reproduced in various ways:

"I've known remorse when it comes to my actions. I tried to learn from them and tried to escape from them. I am now aware of the scope and consequences of my actions. (…) I will not forgive myself for any of this.

The revelation led, among other things, to TV giant HBO cutting collaboration with the comedian. A film written and directed by Louis C.K, called "I Love You Daddy," was interrupted as a result of the charges. Netflix also had plans to launch a new stand-up comedic special, but did not want to proceed with the project.

The last time Louis C.K. was in Norway, it was in 2013. Then he sold Oslo Spektrum.

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