Lommelegen – A little bit about vaccines


I follow the debate in the media about vaccines, now around measles, and I find it very unbalanced and unnecessarily polarized. I want to be able to understand the pros and cons of both vaccines and dangerous sequelae (eg measles), but this is a very demanding job if you do not know where to find safe information and is not medically trained. I hope you / your in the doctor's pocket can contribute to more balanced information if you can answer the following questions. All questions relate to the Childhood Vaccination Program:
What statistics are available for sequelae / complications of measles cases in rich countries? How many people suffer complications in rich countries?
How many percent of vaccines are immune to vaccines against diseases in the Child Immunization Program (rich countries)?
And how long have you been immune? Immunity after vaccines is limited in time – How can one talk about the immunity of the herd in a population without simultaneously revaccinating the adults every 10 years?
Can you get the disease that you get through the vaccine? And who, as a vaccine, can pass through these diseases "passively" (without symptoms) and, at the same time, be a propagator?
Statistics and research on vaccine damage in rich countries? (Thinking of late injuries, ie damages beyond the next few days and weeks after vaccination) Are there any (for example, economic) links between doctors or health authorities in rich countries and the vaccine industry?
Statistics on lethal cases of measles in rich countries from 1800 to today.

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