Liverpool is greeted by the detail hidden in his new suit


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Liverpool posted the first images of Thursday's costumes for the men's and women's teams next season.

And in the red suits with white stripes, they hid a little detail that pays homage to former coach Bob Paisley, who this year would have turned 100 years old if he lived.

The small detail can be found inside the collar of the suit. There they printed Paisley's signature. The clothes also have thin vertical stripes on the front, as in the 1982/83 season.

See the fantasy here:

Here's how the details of Paisley look:

The coach, who died in 1996, won a total of six league titles and three European trials during his years as Liverpool coach.

And several fans have already welcomed the new clothes and details to honor the technician's legend. A journalist for, Christ Williams, calls it phenomenal.

Former Liverpool player Robbie Fowler is also impressed with the design:

A small tribute to the 96 who died in the Hillsborough tragedy also found a place in the neck of the process. It says the number "96", along with two flames.

"This year's suit is very good. "I look forward to wearing it every time we play at Anfield as a symbol of pride and passion that you have in cheering for Liverpool," said captain Jordan Henderson, according to Sky Sports.


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