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One of the highlights of “Let’s dance” each fall is the iconic Halloween show. As usual, there was a big stir about which fantasies would end up on the parquet.

During tonight’s broadcast, a new move was also made – all couples would dance jive at the same time in an eliminatory competition – couple after couple would be sent by the judges.

That's why he didn't celebrate Halloween as a kid

That’s why he didn’t celebrate Halloween as a kid

The one who stayed the longest got the most points.

The first to leave was Thomas Alsgaard, then Michael Andreassen. Mars Bratberg was the third one eliminated, before Andreas Wahl followed him.

A clearly shocked Nate Kahungu stayed with dance partner Helene Spilling – and got five extra points.

Attempt verified by the best athlete

Attempt verified by the best athlete

In the dance duel, it was Marte Bratberg and Michael Andreassen who met.

Must eat carrot cake

All four judges thought it was the first who deserved to advance to the quarterfinals. Viewers agreed and let Andreassen be eliminated from the competition.

– It’s ok. Smoking is sad, of course, but it was a wonderful three months. We’ve been in a duel several times, so there was no show bomb, he told Dagbladet after the broadcast.

– I think a fifth place is to go far. Perhaps the most important thing for us today was that we did a dance that we were very happy with. We are proud and we came out of it head on, he continues.

BOTTOM: Mars Bratberg had to do it in his first dance duel on Saturday, but advanced to the quarterfinals. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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Now, the 48-year-old is eager to return to everyday life and, especially, to spend more time with his girlfriend and children.

– Tomorrow I’ll fill up with my boyfriend’s carrot cake and sleep a lot!

Damaged before shipping: - Everything hurt

Damaged before shipping: – Everything hurt

Andreassen, however, does not reveal which of the remaining participants he wants to see in the final, but says he gives everyone a place on the podium.

– It will be exciting and fun to see them even more, I applaud them all, he says.

Read below how it was at the other balls.

– a little hoarse

And especially this year, where the Halloween celebration was more or less canceled due to the corona pandemic, it was perhaps a consolation that there was a real and scary party on the TV screen.

For Nate Kahungus (24), it might have been more fun, as he was never allowed to celebrate Halloween as a child.

FULL POT: Nate Kahungu took a stand against racism during Saturday’s “Let’s Dance” party. Reporter: Marcus Brenden. Video: TV 2
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He and his dance partner Helene Spilling also opened the night, with a double step from the Halloween song he wrote, “Thriller”. Dressed in Dracula’s costume, he performed a dance that Judge Merete Lingjærde declared to be anything but “anemic”.

– That’s how you want to open “Let’s dance”, it’s the quarterfinals next week, and I see that you really want to go there, said Judge Egor Filipenko after the ball.

OPENED THE BALL: Nate Kahungu and Helene Spilling with scary vampire dancing. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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He thought the dance couple had a “dritbra” performance, but that the former reality star still had a little to achieve.

He set the standard for the night with an incredible 37 refereeing points.

The person who was hired to accompany him was the radio profile Michael Andreassen, who sang a horrible Argentine tango.

“I think that was a little hoarse for me, I was a little stressed from watching it,” said Tore Petterson.

INTENSE: The Halloween broadcast features scenes from the horror world. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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Filipenko, however, was highly praised, and co-judge Trine Dehli Cleve agreed that the dance the duo performed was very good.

The judges were still unanimous in the distribution of points – it was four eights for Andreassen.


Stolen “Let’s dance” jackets

– Scary good

Viewers then saw a character that was not unknown. Harley Quinn was last portrayed by Martine Lunde in 2018. However, Mars Bratberg (31) showed a new version – the DC character appeared in a new costume in the movie “Birds of Prey”, which came out earlier this year.

PSYCHO: – Scary good to throw the yeast, the judges thought of Mars Bratberg. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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However, the judges liked Bratberg’s psychopathic version.

– You are sick of character, my father for an opening when you just clink. I think you took a little bit of Benjamin’s character, there was something about you, Filipenko thought.

“You are frighteningly good at throwing yeast,” Dehli Cleve thought.

The radio profile was awarded a total of 35 judge points.

Reveals the real reason for leaving the dance

Reveals the real reason for leaving the dance

Always terrified

Thomas Alsgaard did not hide the fact that he is terrified of each broadcast, and described Saturday’s broadcast as his “ninth Halloween”.

He and dance partner Rikke Lund contributed a slow fox inspired by a music video by superstar Billie Eilish, and also used her music as a backdrop.

“PRETTY”: Judges gave Thomas Alsgaard his highest score so far. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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– If every Saturday has been a Halloween nightmare for you, the fact that you are in it shows what kind of athlete you are. Thomas, today I really felt like you were floating on this floor in a beautiful slowfox, Dehli Cleve bragged.

The judges agreed that the ski hero had a powerful progression and Lingjærde found the dance “beautiful”. It was a record 32 points, and it was a clearly emotional Alsgaard who humbly accepted the points.

- I felt I deserved more

– I felt I deserved more

The best of the night

More recently, Andreas Wahl (37) and dance partner Mai Mentzoni played the roles of Frankenstein’s monster and Dr. Frankenstein, respectively, during their Argentine tango.

– I think you had a huge development. If I had gone back to the premiere, I probably wouldn’t have chosen it as a favorite, said Egor Filipenko, who later called the dance “the best of the night”.

THE BEST OF THE NIGHT: Andreas Wahl received the highest score during the Halloween broadcast. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2
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However, he was a little irritated by his attitude, but the judges had little to complain about the dance.

“You are, of all involved, the one who is the best at the moment,” said Petterson.

The judges’ praise also reflected the points – tonight’s highest score, 38 points, was a fact.

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