Monday , October 25 2021

Kommunetopp ends in Oslo


Following a notification sent in March, the Oslo Local Government Commission and the city's central advisory council investigated cases of nepotism and British culture in the Omsorgsbygg municipal company, one of the country's largest property managers. At the top, Per Morten Johansen has been sitting since 2008. Johansen is the leader of the City Council, Raymond Johansens (Ap).

Reportedly, claims have been made that people who lead car-building "abuse their power to give friends and family permanent and exciting positions."

Dagbladet was first published in the notice in early September, and later reported that Johansen employed his own lover.

Top of Commune # 2 in a short time

On Monday night, the Press Release of Omsorgsbygg announced that Per Morten Johnsen now retires, effective as of Nov. 16.

In a press release from the municipality, the match is described as follows:

Per Morten Johansen asked to speak with the council. This dialogue has now been concluded and an agreement has been concluded. From the new year, Johansen will receive new tasks in the municipality of Oslo after a new agreement. New workplace will be clarified by January 1, 2019, writes Omsorgsbygg in a press release.

The match will be shortly after President Øivind Christoffer announce his departure on October 17.

Never announced posts

The municipal audit concluded in September that the director's daughter and son-in-law had unannounced temporary positions, the Dagbladet wrote on September 19. It was established that the lack of registration violates the regulations of the municipality's staff, unless they had preferential rights – something Omsorgsbygg claimed to have had. According to the local government authority, the skills rules were violated because the appointments were made by staff subordinates to the principal.

At the same time, the director and his partner were so close to the director that he failed to hire his friend. The municipal audit, however, found no reason to conclude incompatibility regarding the appointment of the HR director's brother and son.

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