Thursday , October 21 2021

KNM "Helge Ingstad" not repaired – NRK Hordaland – Local news, TV and radio


* Until 8 November last night, the tanker Sola left the quay at the Sture terminal at Øygarden in Hordaland.

* More than half an hour later, the ship collides with the KNM frigate Helge Ingstad, which continues south after participating in the NATO exercise Trident Juncture in Trøndelag.

* The warship is inflicted on a large flange in the hull, and more water flows than the sewage pumps can get out. The frigate loses control after the collision and receives help from several tugboats to be pushed ashore to avoid total downing.

* The ship will be lying five feet deep with a steep incline, and the work is done constantly to keep it above the water. Finally, the frigate was bolted to the mountain to keep it in place.

* 137 crew was evacuated. Eight of them were more easily injured in the collision. The tanker came from the collision with minor injuries.

An audio record showed that the contact was established between the ships one minute before being reduced. The tanker repeatedly asks the frigate to turn the course to starboard to avoid a collision.

* Until November 13, several wires holding the frigate in place. The boat sank, and later that day, only the radar tower and a little stern were visible.

* November 28, the salvation of Helge Ingstad was halted due to storms.

* The drag of the frigate began on February 27. The next day, the ship was in the port of Hanøytangen, where it would be erected and drained.

* The Accident Investigation Board wrote in a preliminary report on November 29 that the accident can be explained by various factors and circumstances. Among other things, tanker lights were taken for ground lighting. Police are also investigating the case.

* The Accident Investigation Board notified the Armed Forces of a serious construction defect that opened for the flow of water to the rooms that would be impervious. The Armed Forces has stated that it may be appropriate to go to legal action or claims against the Spanish shipyard Navantia. The shipyard rejects the frigates being poorly constructed.

Source: NTB

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