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ANIMALS: The Zero Conference refers to itself as the most important meeting point in Norway for all those who enjoy the climate. But what ordinary people are going to bring, the price is low, says Nature and Youth.


Make it fun to do things! Conference colleague Ingvild K. Rrholt said enthusiastically in the conference room of the Zerok conference on Wednesday night.

They gathered for more, the 773 participants this week participated in what is referred to as Norway's most important gathering place for all those who are concerned about the weather, according to the web pages. Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) spoke with Equinor chief Eldar Stre, who spoke with UN climate panel chairman Hoesung Lee.

Two days of lectures and workshops cost 7995 kroner. For students, politicians and non-profit organizations, the price is NOK 2995. In addition, dinner costs NOK 950.

It's a little rough. If there are young people who want to go, but they can not because of the price, it's a lot of research. It is very important to learn and thanks to people like Solberg and Equinor, we tend to say no to other environmental events. When you really have the opportunity to say what they say about the climate, it should be good and accessible, says Gaute Eiterjord, leader in Nature and Youth (NOW).

A member of NOW volunteers at the conference and also receives a free pass. If they had not received this offer, they would not have to send someone, explains Eiterjord.

He will, however, praise Zero for a clear hand in the bigshots of the nightlife to talk about the weather. Half the participants are leaders. There are three states, twelve parliamentary representatives and 159 councilors.


Zero conference

• a conference in Oslo on climate and technology.

• Organized by the environmental organization ZERO, an independent and ideal environmental foundation.

• Yara is the main partner. Other partners include Avinor, Equinor, Gassnova, SAS and Bertel O. Steen.

Far distance

Making investments with triple return Accessible to all, Lord of a Norwegian export success, In this way, we can earn billions of hydrogen. These are the titles of some of the lectures of the conference. Betting on hydrogen and electrification was praised with prices. This shows an important dividing line in the Norwegian environmental movement, says Eiterjord.

Technology alone can not save us. The Zerok conference discusses how New Roads can contribute to building climate-friendly roads, but it may not be the person who asks if it is climate-friendly with new highways. I would put the price of the tire lower. Otherwise, it can be quickly for everyone to agree and not for any resistance, he says.

Is there room for different appointments?

Yes, but it's important that people at the Zero Conference are also challenged by the difficult answers, like reducing spending and not just investing money.

The counterpart of the Zero Conference is the Bridge of the Future, which the environmental movement, the trade union movement and the church organize for free.

The problem may be that we are outside each of our audiences. One might wonder if these groups spoke more together. If someone talks only about mobilization, and others talk only about nightlife, without seeing it collapses, we do not read the climate crisis, says Eiterjord.

Missing young Missions

There is only one student on the Zerok conference attendance list. This is due to a price of about half of the monthly study network, says Hege Skarrud, leader of the environmental and development organization Spire. The organization consists of students in subjects related to climate.

Participate in the debate and access to information should not be priced so high for those in the group. This is what we see over such conferences that talking about technology is becoming a lifeless actor with money and closed to others.

Is not it important that the night life has its own arenas?

No. It is not very appropriate for the business community to shut up, no other opposing actor will be excluded. The UN climate panel report talks about 2050 and 2100. We are the ones who will live then. That is why it is important that our voice is hard.

You're welcome to zero.

Marius Holm, Zero's leader, says he strongly insists that youngsters and students can not afford the ticket price.

That's why we offer the opportunity to contribute as a voluntary and free ticket, and we sell tickets at a discounted rate with losses to NGOs. In addition, we broadcast the entire program of the main scene, the Miljøorganisationer fr and the free ticket. If Eiterjord had used, he, among others, Eldar Stre and Siv Jensen would be challenged by oil exploration, writes Holm in an email.

It indicates that the conference is largely unconventional.

Zero has a clear agenda: let's influence people with power to make better climate decisions. I think so, and I would like to see young people's organizations appreciate it, as today's spokesperson is the last chance to stop climate change quickly enough.

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