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Kåre Ingebrigtsen believes RBK has been raped for four months


TRAINHEIM / OSLO (VG) (Molde – Rosenborg, 3-0) Former RBK coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen gives the club a soft team on live television but will give Eirik Horneland more time. The protagonist himself is not sure if he can do that.

"I think the same now. We did not start, we have three defeats and two draws in five games. It's not close to where the level of ambition is, Eirik Horneland tells VG after a 0-3 loss to Molde at Aker Stadium.

In fact, Rosenborg's worst ever series is at the top level.

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"So you feel your future is uncertain after the loss today?"

Yes it is. I do not use energy and I think about it, but when you ask, you tell yourself, the RBK responds.

I think the club is furious

However, former coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen thinks Horneland should have more time for their project.

"Horneland has no responsibility. Management should give him all the help he needs to make the ship change, he says in the Eurosport "Football Round."

The brigade's break with Rosenborg less than a year ago was the ugly battle and ended with a trial. Now he's going out again against management.

– There are many in the Rosenborg administration who are in applause, but when it really blows, where are they? Now you see them more often at banquets, he says, pointing to sports and administrative management, not wanting to name anyone.

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He is – to say the least – unimpressed with how the club has evolved in the last six months.

– Six months ago, they were by far the best team in Norway. It's January, February, March and April … In four months, they devastated. They have to go through and find out what happened. It is a complex picture that they have to dare to dive into. Now they just have a lot of excuses, they're not looking for specific answers … That's what scares me the most, and that's the lead in Rosenborg, "says Ingebrigtsen.

– Koteng veiver, has become a physical trainer and says they are poorly trained. They're just excuses. They must find reasons, be willing to look, and take the consequences when they find the cause. Now they only have a lot of excuses, repeat Ingebrigtsen.

Helland calls the first half hour against Molde ironically. Why you see here:

Ask Ingebrigtsen to care

Lead leader Espen Viken, for his part, does not agree with the former coach. It supports the RBK frame.

"Kåre will be careful not to blame others. If the players had been as well trained as the Rosenborg players should have, then they would be able to withstand the training they had during Eirik (Horneland), says the VG fan leader.

"We do not want to put Horneland on any boat after these results, but he has a hard job to do," Viken adds.

Ivar Koteng did not respond to VG's questions Sunday night, but sports director Stig Inge Bjørnebye says he still has faith in the Horneland project.

– Of course I have. It's too early to make a judgment about it. It's been a challenging time at the club, also in the period when we've struggled to get everyone through a full race because of injuries and other things. But now people are starting to get back on track. We have to throw people in shape, he tells VG.

– With the injury situation and new coach … Were there too few things done this winter?

– We took three players and thought we could get more, but we wanted to work with the team we have now and see what the response we had from him. So we plan the summer window. It was a deliberate assessment we made at the end of the window that was now in the winter, says Bjørnebye.

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