Justin Bieber: – – You just married Hailey to get revenge on Selena


This fall, news came that Justin Bieber (25) and Hailey Baldwin (22) married a dizzying romance.

Prior to Baldwin, the pop star had long been in an incessant relationship with Selena Gomez (26), and although Bieber has promised eternal loyalty to Hailey, many still want him to return to the ecstatic.

Fans even argued that marrying the model is just a way to "punish" Selena.

When Bieber posted that picture of his newly baked wife on Monday, he quickly got tens of thousands of tastings and comments, but not all of the comments were of that sort.

User Jaileyisajoke came up with this statement among other things:

"You're not in love with Hailey!" You just married her to avenge you in SG (Selena Gomes ed.).

This made the singer of "Sorry" react strongly. Justin is rarely talking about his love life, but the commentary on this fan account should have made the cup flow.

Tuesday, he returns to his story Urges with a long message to the user, claiming that his love for his wife is not real.

"You're immature, and having an account dedicated to throwing shit on my wife is absolutely absurd." Why should I dedicate my whole life through marriage to someone to get revenge on a love? he asks himself.

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"Hailey is my fiancée"

In addition, Bieber writes that anyone who believes that the relationship with Hailey is fake is bad or less than ten years old. As he continues to defend his wife, he also talks well about his ex.

"I really loved Selena and I love Selena. She will always have a place in my heart. But I am deeply in love with my wife and she is absolutely the BEST that has ever happened to me.

SINT: Here is the message that Justin Bieber writes for the user who criticizes his wife. Photo: Screenshot / Instagram
RILED UP: Here is the message that Justin Bieber writes for the user who criticizes his wife. Photo: Screenshot / Instagram
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The 25-year-old also says he will never respond to such ridiculous comments.

"Hailey is my fiancée. Dots. If you do not like or support, it also means that you do not support me, and if you do not support me, then you are not a fan nor a good person.

Justin, who took a screenshot of the user's message Jaileyisajoke, in addition to his own response and posted in his story on Instagram, also encourages others to do the same:

"Stop and send these messages to me and Hailey. If you love me, then you take a screenshot of this message and record it everywhere," he asks.

Net troll

The Star Couple got married just over six months ago, and during that time, Baldwin became aware of all the fan base's attention to her husband. Media all over the world writes look and often about the world-renowned duo, and constantly tries to find errors or speculate on their privacy.

Recently, the model opened up the challenges of dealing with all the noise of Justin's fans.

"They'll see you fail, for whatever reason." I do not know if it's because they mean "that's what I said" or because they want to be right. I really do not know what the idea behind trying and destroying a relationship or person is, she said recently in an interview with Cosmopolitan, according to E! Online.

The 22-year-old added that she thinks "it's an evil world we live in."

"I do not know these people, they do not know me. They are not part of my life or relationship, she continued.

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Justin Bieber on a visit to Norway. Assume the show Senkveld that he himself is a guest.
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"The engagement was a shock."

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber know a long story together, and were most recently portrayed with the singer of "Sorry" in February 2018.

The duo started their relationship as early as 2011. They made the final and met several times before they became public in 2013 – and then found the tone again last year.

Despite the fact that in December 2017, Hailey Baldwin's reputation was in the picture, the relationship between Gomez and Bieber was mentioned in March last year.

Exactly what happened in the meantime, and if a triangular drama has spread, few know.

"The engagement was a shock to Selena, a source for the American celebrity channel," she said. last summer, which further emphasized that Gomez was no longer emotionally associated with ecstasy.

"The relationship belongs to the past and she does not really care. She knows that Justin is acting on impulse and wants both of them to be the best. Even though she is happy that Bieber is no longer a topic of conversation, then she can focus on herself, the source said.

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Another source told the same celebrity channel that Gomez was aware that he was getting serious between Bieber and Baldwin – but she did not see an engagement so fast. At the same time, the 26-year-old should not have been so surprised.

"She knows him as a dreamy, kind-hearted guy. Selena himself broke up with him, after trying to make the relationship work one last time. She is in a much better place now, and prioritizes girlfriends and church visits rather than boys. Bieber is the last thing she thinks.

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