Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin – – Hinter on Improving Family on Instagram


On Monday, pop star Justin Bieber (25) shared an ultrasound image on Instagram, suggesting he and his wife Hailey Baldwin (22) are expecting their first child together.

Given the date of April 1, the commentary is split and several fans believe it's a good April joke that they were victims.

Watchers also quickly notice that the ultrasound image shared by the song's star is exactly what appears if you use Google as "ultrasound," and Baldwin commented "Ha-ha, very funny" – something interpreted as the photo and the news. In fact, it was an April joke.

Also the date in the photo is wrong, as it is from February. So many became accustomed to the fact that it was all a joke even before Bieber shared a photo.

This time he put a picture that made the fans scratch their heads. The photo, which appears to be from a doctor's office, shows Baldwin taking care of his stomach during a gynecological examination, with two doctors around him and the following caption:

"If you thought it was an April joke."

Whether the appreciation of the increase in the family is true or not, it is still necessary to see, but it would also have been a very tactical choice of the pair of stars sharing the news on a day like April 1.

Romantic Whirlwind

After a long-time friendship, Bieber and Baldwin began a romantic, but short-lived relationship in 2016. After only a few months, it was over, and the model shortly after the rape said it was complicated to be with a world-famous star.

In June of last year, however, the duet regained contact again, and this time was fast in the curves of the turtle dolls. Only a month later, they were engaged, and in September, they were secretly married in a New York court.

In February, Bieber and Baldwin, both religious, revealed that part of the reason they decided to give each other their yes so quickly was because they had chosen to expect sex for marriage.

"God does not ask us to have sex because he wants rules. He does this to protect us from being hurt. I think sex can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes people have sex because they do not feel well enough. Because they have no value of their own. Both women and men do so, the pop star explained in an interview with Vogue.

Justin Bieber on a visit to Norway. Assume the show Senkveld that he himself is a guest.
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Pregnant Speculation

In addition, Bieber revealed to the magazine that before meeting Baldwin again, he lived in self-inflicted celibacy for more than a year because he had "a real problem with sex." He described it as an addiction that stopped giving him joy and, by refraining from sex, felt closer to God.

– I wanted to dedicate myself to God again because I really felt it was better for the condition of my soul. And I think God blessed me with Hailey as a result. There are benefits. One is rewarded for good behavior, he said back then.

After the quick marriage was known, it is speculated that the couple married because Baldwin was pregnant. That denied the couple in the interview, and the 22-year-old said she would like to wait a few more years before becoming a mother.

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