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Junker is Norway’s smartest striker – VG

BODØ (VG) (Bodø / Glimt-Mjøndalen 2-0) Kasper Junker (26) took the chance when Jens Petter Hauge was sold and Philip Zinckernagel was injured: He scored two, won the match for Glimt – and matched both teammates team. All three now have 14 league goals.

– There are many good attacking players in Norwegian football. But we have the smartest of them all – Kasper Junker; Not only does he score anyway, but he also does the other good ones, Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen told VG, after three new points were secured at Aspmyra.

Junker, this time placed on the edge; it certainly didn’t matter so much: he scored two anyway.

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– The feeling was that it was the right solution when Philip Zinckernagel was not ready, because Junker has the necessary intelligence to solve the task in the best way, explains Knutsen – who had given the Dane a free rein, defensively.

– We hit well, concludes Knutsen. He wanted to use Victor Boniface as a striker, because he is extremely good at holding the ball – which would be important against a physically strong Mjøndalen.

The winner of the match himself admits that he prefers to play as a striker, but that he would certainly help the team – regardless of position.

– I scored in two important moments. And that victory was important. We’re getting closer, says Kasper Junker – up to 14 league goals now.

It is not always so easy to “win games”. But Bodø / Glimt fixed it – on the go. It will probably take just two more wins, a maximum of three, before the gold in the series is guaranteed.

– We knew it would be difficult and tight. Last year, we played 0-0 against Mjøndalen at Aspmyra. Our focus was that we shouldn’t be frustrated because they delayed time and made a lot of stops in the game. I think we did a good job. We made our way into the fight. And some fights must be like that too, the most important thing was to win, and we did it, says Glimt’s captain of the day, Patrick Berg.

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Molde kept silver despite wasted chances

The smell was good for Glimt towards Mjøndalen. Relationships did not settle as usual, they stayed longer between Glimt’s good and classic attacks. And Mjøndalen made this, as expected, difficult for the league leader. Also: The wind that swept Aspmyra on Sunday night, it was not easy to play fast and accurate passing game with …

Good teams tend to be lucky with them too. Glimt noticed when referee Marius Hansen Grøtta scored a penalty after a quarter of an hour. The referee considered that Marius Høibråten was brought down by former Glimt player Ole Amund Sveen.

The photos show that he was strictly convicted, and that the judge should have left the whistle in that situation.

Kasper Junker had, in any case, two chances for a penalty as two Glimt players ran 16 meters from the first. He scored on both. 1–0 Glimt.

SCORER: Kasper Junker scored two against Mjøndalen. Photo: Mats Torbergsen

Mjøndalen, in strong tailwind, had two great chances, both from Sondre Liseth. Both times, the culprit of the match against Molde, goalkeeper Nikita Khajkin, cleansed with mastery. A little revenge for the Russian there.

Glimt failed to take advantage of the wind in the first half of the second half, but in the middle of the same Ola Solbakken and Ulrik Saltnes had their great opportunity – without overcoming Sosha Makani. Sondre Liseth had the third chance to score at Haikin – to no avail. And then the wind picked up again, helped Glimt in the attack, Ola Solbakken fought, fell, but the ball went to Kasper Junker who was suddenly alone with goalkeeper Makani. The Dane, in an unknown leading role in the absence of his roommate Philip Zinckernagel, was not mistaken. Glimt 2-0, and the win, 19th in 22 games, looked certain.

It was then too.

Eight games left. Glimt leads with 16 points. Another earthquake will be needed to deprive Bodø of his first league championship now.

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