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Joshua King is the only star in Norway – Stefan Johansen has only one way to thank for his confidence, he should give Lagerbäck a good game

  • Cyprus-Norway, TV2 Monday at. 20.45

LARNACA (Dagbladet): Joshua King was contacted with no luck, unfortunately he is not ready for this game either. It is a weakening, but Lars Lagerbäck does nothing about it.

LANDSLAGSKAPTEIN STEFAN JOHANSEN played a weak fight against Slovenia and suffered from lack of time in Fulham. It is very visible, significant uncertainty before Cyprus, but a problem ropes of the Norwegian national team can do something about it.

He chooses to leave it.

LARS LAGERBÄCK SLÅR He also calls his captain, ignores Stefan Johansen's substitute seven times during the last eight international matches and in Ljubljana Friday night was the weakest of them all. Thirteen balltap had the Norwegian captain through the 57 minutes he played.

The turn he had in most of the players was deserved.

Also plays NORWAY captain from the start to Cyprus. Lagerbäck's argument is that he knows what Stefan Johansen stands for and that he knows what he gets. The latter, based on the Slovenian struggle, is, at best, a truth with modifications. And the argument he uses, as the first small media label after almost two years in office, is that some commentators would have Stefan Johansen wrecked for the first game of the League of Nations in September.

Then the captain of Norway scored two points.

"He was the hero," says Lagerbäck.

MANY MINUTES OF FULHAM was played without Stefan Johansen's participation ever since. In other words, the shape is not improving. The captain also admits that losing game time has an impact on the matchmaker, which is why he is replaced (almost) every time. But no one talks about battle.form, the one who is feeling, the interaction and the difference between good and bad touches.

There is no theme.

LARS LAGERBÄKK LEGGER head in the lock of Stefan Johansen. There's a chance to take it. It can be said that it is commendable. When delivering Fulham Reserve, a good game beats Lagerbäck / Johansen this time as well. He plays weakly and is replaced after about an hour – not to mention that Norway are not at the top of the League of Nations 3C group – the attitude of burden and punishment will disrupt the coach of Norway's team.

I've been among those who wanted to say that it really does not play such a big role playing for Norway. That Hansen can be replaced by Olsen without great consequences. That the system, the path and the repetitions over 20 months capture everything.

That what you do is more important than who does.

In the most I still think so. While Lars Lagerbäck is the coach of Norway, he will (almost) always be like Hansen can with Olsen replaced without shouting drama and fearing a clear weakening of the team. But in Ljubljana, on Friday night, we saw that it did not matter.

A man can not be replaced.

Joshua King.

OLA INITIATED CAMERA against Slovenia, because it is one of the Norwegian peaks that most resembles King Joshua. That would be great, we thought. He was not around. Not because he was not obedient, he worked like a tick and did as he was told.

Exclusively because he did not have everything.

JOSHUA KING ER A feared opponent, asking Bulgaria to win four yellow cards to stop the Norwegian tip. He turns on an opponent's defense in a completely different way from Ola Kamara and anyone else. He is Joshua King, led in the Premier League. In addition, it is stronger, faster and even longer lasting. In short, this represents such a big difference that Norway is weakened when Joshua King does not play.

Ola Kamara, Bjørn Maars Johnsen or Alexander Sørloth.

None of them can replace Joshua King.

TARIK ELYOUNOUSSI STARTER certainly against Cyprus. That's good Bjørn Maars Johnsen, as truncated in Ljubljana, is very doubtful because of damage. Then Lagerbäck returns with Ola Kamara, who is not Josh King, and Alexander Sørloth, who also suffers from lack of play time.

You can pull the hat.

I think it's going to be Kamara.

Together we expect the best, of course.

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