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Jessica Simpson – Now she finally shows her daughter

Earlier this week, Jessica Simpson (38) gave her 4.6 million followers an Instagram preview of her daughter Birdie Mae, who came to the world in March.

At that time, though, it was hard to see just how small Birdie looked, but on Friday night, Jessica shared a new photo of her new eyebrow.

In the photo, a one-month-old bird light is awake, and the consequences are given a clear statement of how it is. It may also seem almost that little beauty smiles at the camera.

"Roll over for the weekend," writes the newly baked mother of three in the photo, followed by her daughter's name.

At the time this book was written, the photo received nearly 280,000 tanned, and comments on how adorable the baby are are flowing.

Revealed the birth

It was also on the Instagram that the superstar shared the news that Birdie had come into the world. Along with a photo of the older sister Maxi (6) holding the newborn baby's hand, the bird said that little Birdie Mae Johnson came into the world on Tuesday, March 19, and weighed 9.9 kilograms .

Just a month after the birth, Jessica Simpson shared the first photos, with a glimpse of her daughter.

The proud mother published three photos, the first showing a happy family of five celebrating their first Easter with the baby.

In addition, Jessica shared a close-up of Birdie who peacefully lies and sleeps in a beautiful flower dress, and one of the older sister Maxi, who proudly poses next to the baby bed in the matching flower dress.

The 38-year-old actress is constantly flaunting flashes of daily life with fans, yet she has to endure criticism of what she chooses to share. Like earlier this month, when she proudly showed a bottle full of breast milk.

However, this did not fall in good standing with everyone, and the comment boiled slightly about the positive and negative comments of the consequences.

"That's how success looks," Jessica wrote under the photo.

Once upon a time: Jessica and her husband Eric Johnson have three children together. Here with son Ace Knute and daughter Maxwell Drew. Photo: NTB Scanpix
THEN TIME: Jessica and her husband Eric Johnson have three children together. Here with son Ace Knute and daughter Maxwell Drew. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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In bad weather

Although the three-year-old mother was acclaimed by stars like Hilary Duff (31) and Lena Dunham (32), according to Mirror, she was closer to Jessica's place.

Everyone does what they need to feed the baby. Just remember that it is not wrong if you do not pump or breastfeed. It is wrong if you do not feed your baby, wrote a frustrated mother in the comments.

– When reading some of these comments, it is clear that breastfeeding mothers are terrible people. What is wrong with you? Tell mothers that they can not breastfeed that they fail and that they have not tried hard enough? Are you kidding me? wrote another.

It must be said that there were several mothers who took the star in defense in the field of commentaries. Among other things, it was written that one should be allowed to be proud, precisely because it is not written in stone that everyone runs.

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