Janne Formoe on the criticisms of Vendela: – I'm sorry


In September, Se and Hør celebrated 40 years in red racing.

The anniversary was marked by a big celebration at Oslo Spektrum and a subsequent party dinner at the Gamle Logen for several famous guests.

It was during the dinner of the last party that Vendela Kirsebom (52) felt dependent on the owner of the conference. This came during the Monday episode of the TV series "Vendela + Petter."

– I felt very uncomfortable

"It was a fantastic night to begin with, but then it became disgusting, painful and unpleasant. I felt very uncomfortable.

In the episode, Vendela says she sat and ate over dinner, but then appeared what she describes as "something terrible" of the scene. The model targets a joke that should have revolved around the 13-year age difference between her and Petter. Among other things, the conference leader should have joked that Vendela could have been his mother.

"I think it was so cruel, disgusting and uncomfortable," she admits in the episode.

In addition, Vendela states that she generally does not care about these comments, since she and Petter are happy and have chosen to stay together. On other days, however, she gets bored with the remarks and thinks it hurts.

After the case became known in the media, it was speculated on who owned the conference, and comedian Henriette Steenstrup (44) was quickly designated as a scapegoat.

This was denied by herself in a post on Instagram on Tuesday.

The case continues below.

OCCUPANT: Although Vendela and Petter are in love and generally do not care about negative comments about the relationship, the former commented during the party as painful. Photo: NTB Scanpix
No love Although Vendela and Petter are happy in love and generally do not care about negative comments about the relationship, the former commented during the party as painful. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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Respond to criticism

On the other hand, it was actor Janne Formoe, 43, who owns the conference. On Wednesday Janelas (52), a friend of Vendela, went to Formoe in VG, and said that she owed Kirsebom an apology.

"Janne Formoe does not know the story, or how much she has struggled with it. Vendela and Petter are incredibly in love, and then this becomes an attack on love. I think Janne should get in touch with Vendela and regret it, he tells the newspaper.

Although the celebrity stylist does not believe it was an attack planned by Formoe to hurt Vendela, he thought that sometimes he had to back down and take responsibility, he explains to VG.

On Wednesday, Janne Formoe replies as follows about Jan Thomas's criticisms.

– I often use humor as a tool when I'm on a stage, and then often they point their points. As this was the 40th anniversary of Se and Hør, I was playing with the magazine and its form, well-known personalities and, not least, much of myself. I'm sorry if this was perceived as painful, it was never my intention, she writes in a text message to the Dagbladet.

The case continues below.

in love In the promotional video of season 2 of "Petter + Vendela", we will take a look at what it will be like when Petter Pilgaard and Vendela Kirsebom finally move together.
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"No bad feeling"

Vendela appreciates that his friend, Jan Thomas, took her in defense in VG.

"I think it's cool and incredibly cool on his part. He is very wise and I feel privileged to have a friend as wonderful as Jan Thomas, she admits the Dagbladet, and adds that she regrets that this went beyond Henriette Steenstrup, something that was never intentional.

The 52-year-old singer also says she was pleased with Formoe's apology and considers herself to be finished with the whole episode and has no bad feelings for her.

The clove butter is, however, concerned with the subject and must be generous to each other and accept the choices of others. She therefore thinks it is good that this can be resolved, she explains.

"It's good that you can argue in a nice way and accept each other and each other's choices. While this choice is not something everyone chooses, openness and generosity should be the most important, says Vendela to the Dagbladet.

She also emphasized that she received tremendous support and fantastic feedback on her relationship with Pilgaard. Many also shared wonderful stories of their own lives.

Much love flowed. There are many who share the same situation as me. I find it sad that there is no more acceptance in today's society, and that is what is important to me, she concludes.

Real love

Vendela and Petter's story began when they were both in "Farmer's Celebrity" in the summer of 2016. At that time he was a celebrated party practitioner in the country, and few believed that the relationship with the supermodel could last. Many believed that the girlfriends lived in a reality created by the media and that the warm feelings between them were not real.

LOVE: Petter Pilgaard and Vendela Kirsebom are still in love and are eager to live together. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se e Hør
No love Petter Pilgaard and Vendela Kirsebom are still in love and are eager to live together. Photo: Andreas Fadum / Se e Hør
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– "You two together in real," there are still some who ask. It had been an extremely bad joke if we had been lazy as if we were girlfriends for so long. Maybe people finally realize gravity now that we move together soon, Petter has previously stated to the Dagbladet.

The couple made all the predictions embarrassed, and now they are eager to unite after a period in which each of them had its own apartment.

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