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Tuesday this week, Se and Hør could reveal that celebrity stylist Jan Thomas (52) and his girlfriend Dan Kolltveit (30) had dedicated themselves.

The relationship between the two became known in November last year, but by the end of the year love is over.

In a new episode of the podcast "Jan Thomas and Einar become friends", which the celebrity stylist has with presenter Einar Tørnquist (36), Jan Thomas now tells how the time after the break was.

Struggling with dating

It is Tørnquist who tackles the topic in the podcast when he says he found a search of Jan Thomas in Se and Hør and asks Jan Thomas to explain what happened.

"It really has not happened much. That's why I'm now being titled "single" again, Jan Thomas responds and continues:

– I think it's very difficult to date and girlfriends. I do not have much experience with this, I also work a lot and have little time […]. I'm so personal in this podcast, so the most intimate and private I'll try to keep to myself, he says.

– Completely dramatic

In the episode, which was called "Single", the 52-year-old singer says there is no drama behind the breakup with Kolltveit, and explains that he did not have time to care or invest in any relationship.

You're completely drunk. I did not have time to take care of any relationship, I could not find the time to invest, something someone has to do, he says in the podcast.

POPULAR: Jan Thomas and Einar Tørnquist succeed with their own podcast. Photo: Plane B
POPULAR: Jan Thomas and Einar Tørnquist succeed with their own podcast. Photo: Plane B
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Jan Thomas is also proud of Kolltveit and describes him as a kind and generous kind with whom he hopes to continue to have a good relationship.

The 52-year-old admits, as mentioned, that he has a difficult relationship with dating and that he has made many reflections about his love life and single life. At the same time, he reveals that he has no particular "type" for which he falls in love.

– I think it's very strange. I work all the time, and the few moments I have for myself, I want for myself, he reveals to Tørnquist.

– Maybe I'm going to Tinder.

Now that the celebrity stylist is single again, he considered challenging himself to use dating apps like Tinder, something with which he has had a very ambivalent relationship.

"Maybe I'll go to Tinder." I've never been there, he says, involved in the podcast.

When the breakup with Kolltveit became known earlier this week, Jan Thomas told Se and Hør that they both had equal humor and shared interest in style and beauty, but that unfortunately was not enough to make the relationship last.

"It's true that I'm single again. The feelings that were needed to establish a long-term relationship were probably not present anyway, Jan Thomas said, and admitted that they have not been a couple since Christmas.

"I love to love, but it's not always easy to do it," he added.

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Secretly Flirting

It was in January last year, shortly after the break with the architect Ramiro Ricon Ledezma was confirmed, that rumors began to swear that Jan Thomas had found his luck with a new man.

When Se and Hør met the celebrity stylist at the premiere of Henriette Steenstrup and John Brungot's Open Relationship program at Chat Noir in Oslo, he revealed that he dated someone – not wanting to reveal details about who they were.

It was about existence as a single that the 52 year old man could reveal that he did not necessarily feel completely left in exactly that marital status.

"I'm not so sure I'm single," Jan Thomas said to Se and Hear this time.

"I do not think I should elaborate on it at this point, but I'd rather go back to it sometime. But yes, I'm a little bit into "dating", he added secretly.

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