Jan Erik is the man behind the most expensive Tesla in Norway


It all started with importing German cars 30 years ago. Now Jan Erik Naley has specialized in hearses – and is among the first in the world to have sold a Tesla Model S – rebuilt for a car.

"At the moment there are only four Tesla funeral cars in the world, I sold three of them," says Jan Erik to Broom.

The 50-year-old singer from Karmøy adds that the project started a few years ago.

Dutch Cooperation

"It was Jølstad Oslo and Svanholm's funeral in Trondheim that challenged me with the idea of ​​building a Tesla funeral car. I have to admit that I flirted a bit at first, but it did not take long for the project to begin.

Jan Erik already has several years of experience in developing and building such types of cars. In cooperation with a company in the Netherlands, cars are being built to order.

"I brought the Tesla idea to the factory in Holland, and all of a sudden we were rebuilding a common Tesla Model S 75.

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aerospace engineering

It took a lot of time and money to develop the electric funeral car. Jan Erik tells Broom that the first car took two years to ride.

Jan Erik Naley is behind funeral cars like Tesla Model S and Mercedes-AMG GLS. In other words, the buckle is big.

In short, they buy a common Model S, split the car in two and extend it by 80 centimeters – to fit the coffin back.

– It's a reasonably comprehensive process. As the car is mainly constructed of aluminum, it requires a very special technique. Here we combine welding with glue, plus the side doors and ceilings are made of fiberglass. It's simply the same technique used on aircraft, he says.

The interior is also fully remodeled. Here the standard furniture has been removed and replaced with much more expensive materials.

First in the world

According to Jan Erik, this is the world's first Tesla hearse. Vestlendingen has already delivered two cars to Norway, one in Oslo and one to Trøndelag.

"It's a bit cool, and that shows that we in the funeral industry can think again. That said, I do not think this is primarily a financial issue for customers, but a trick, says Jan Erik.

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Most expensive Tesla in Norway

Funeral cars are expensive at first. Here it is common to pay at least a million for an "ordinary car". If you want Tesla, however, you have to look twice.

The starting price is 2 million kronor. If you need some extra equipment, which is quite common in this industry, you quickly call 2.5 million according to Jan Erik.

In other words, we are talking about the most expensive Tesla in Norway.

"It's mainly the Norwegian market I'm concentrating on. So let's see what happens next. But I have already received requests for deliveries from Tesla to Finland and Iceland, concludes the entrepreneur.

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