Isabella Löwengrip – – Receives criticism for children's diet


Swedish blogger and founder Isabella Löwengrip (28), also known by the blog name "Blondinbella", has to provoke readers and fans.

The 28 year old player has become a well known blog name in recent years, having established himself well as an entrepreneur. In 2007, she created her own beauty company and also received awards for her good talent in the business world.

The blogger, who is one of the largest in the Nordic countries, has shared photos and texts about her life with her thousands of readers since she was 14, and over time has gained a brand that she earns millions.

But Löwengrip is also known for her new statements, and this time she provoked many of her readers for a post about vegan food on last week's blog. Write Hant.

Hired the chef

Now, the 28-year-old is in hot weather after hiring a cook who will cook for her and her children. She has children Gillis (5) and Sally (3) along with her ex-husband Odd Spångberg (30), who she divorced in August 2013.

In the post that was published last Friday, Löwengrip writes that she and the two children used the Friday night to eat vegan and vegetarian food made by the chef she employed.

He receives many of his answers to react, and many strongly criticize the blogger for his children eating vegan diets when they are as small as they are.

– Can a child make these decisions?

Löwengrip himself only eats raw vegan food, while his son Gillis in five years is a vegetarian. On the other hand, Sally in three years often eats meat, writes the post of Löwengrip.

"Gillis became a vegetarian three and a half years ago and has not made an exception since," she writes in the post.

In the field of comments, comes with critical feedback on what many believe to be a wrong diet for these young children.

– Thinking that a 5 year old child decides to become vegan, such a small child can make that decision? Ask a reader.

"Why do not you eat the same food all three?" But if you have your own cook, you do not need to think about it, who will eat what, another comment.

– How can you give your children something you will never touch again? You know for sure that meat, sugar, and the like suck. If there is someone who does not need it in the body, they are small children. I hope little Gillis finally notices what dairy products and eggs are, and ends with that, another commented ironically.

The blogger himself did not answer any of the questions he received after the post was posted.

Buying friends

It's not the first time fans react to what Löwengrip is doing. When she visited "Skavlan" on TV 2 last year, she made a lot of people rub their noses when she admitted that she bought her own circle of friends.

For the leader of the program Fredrik Skavlan (52), the millionaire told that she was already leaving home at the age of 14 and during that time she knew a lot of loneliness.

– I have some friends. But loneliness and lack of safe friends has been a bit difficult. I miss having someone to call, said Löwengrip.

To overcome loneliness, the 27-year-old has employed several assistants so that she always has people around her at any time who can help her with various tasks.

According to TV 2, Löwengrip has, among other things, its own chef, au pair, makeup artist who appears every morning, a separate security company, a photographer, a stylist, a house coordinator and an interior designer .

"You can say I buy my own circle of friends." I like my work team, she said.

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