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– We have a coordination mechanism between the services called the joint cyber coordination center, says the director of the acting department of the National Cyber ​​Security Authority (NSM NorCERT) Bente Hoff.

Director of the Interim Department of the National Center for Cyber ​​Security Bente Hoff

According to the director of the acting department of the National Center for Cyber ​​Security of the National Security Authority, Bente Hoff, both PST and Kripos and the electronic service are linked to the investigation.

Photo: NRK

Together with PST, Kripos and electronic service (Norwegian military and civilian service), they are connected to the investigation after Hydro was hit by a data attack on Tuesday night.

Data attackers demanded Hydro's rescue to "unlock" their computer system. At the same time, a targeted attack was made to the user database for the industrial giant.

"It's important that we work together, we have different mandates and starting points to work with," says Bente Hoff.

Searching by default

NorCert was created two years ago and takes care of serious computer attacks against companies important to society.

"It is very helpful to know what is done when and who owns the case," she says.

So far, the focus is on finding out what has happened and helping Hydro limit damage. They look for features of the rescue virus and if there are similarities to previous attacks elsewhere. The information is shared with each other to see if there is any pattern.

"It's too early to tell if it's a pattern or if it's similar to other attacks," she says.

International cooperation

The National Security Authority, PST, Kripos and the electronic service have cooperative organizations in other countries.

"At events like this, we share as much information and experience as we can," she says.

She adds that it is too early to say anything about which countries or areas you are looking for at this event, or find out who is behind.

Different tracks

"I think Hydro is trying to find that specific virus and the virus's" DNA, "which uniquely identifies it," said Nordic Choice Hotels, security manager at Nordic Themedheim.

By Thorsheim

Security expert Per Thorsheim believes that international cooperation against criminal hackers is of great benefit.

Photo: Øyvind Bye Skille / NRK

He has been working as a security expert since 1994 and believes he is working on common ground across borders to find out if anyone suspects where the virus might come from.

– The National Security Authority, PST, Kripos and the electronic service are likely to work with different bands along with international electronic services, he says.

Thorsheim thinks they want to see if there's someone else with the same virus.

– It may be with slightly different packaging, but this may come from the same hacker criminals, he says.

Nearest links

Per Thorsheim believes that international cooperation on previous issues has proved useful.

– It is actively working in Norway and Europe to establish closer links with the police and various forms of cooperation with e-services. I think it is a great advantage that Norway has good contact with many foreign services, says Thorsheim.

He adds that he expects Hydro to provide information on the attack on an ongoing basis so that it can benefit other companies in Norway.

– How the attack occurred and the handling around it will be something that others can learn. So they can take their own precautions to avoid the same kind of attack in the future, he concludes.

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