– If you do not vaccinate, there is no private case


reviewsWhen opponents of the vaccine are rooted in Norway, this threatens our health security. If you do not vaccinate, there is no particular case. It is a potentially fatal problem for my children, and you expose all children in Norway to potentially life-threatening diseases. Opponents of the vaccine help keep diseases that must be eradicated. The Progress Party is concerned about growing resistance to vaccines. This problem must be met with measures and facts. No, vaccines do not contain dangerous substances and do not give you autism or MS. Vaccines protect you and the entire population from serious diseases.

The Start of Progress will therefore consider the introduction of national vaccination requirements for health professionals. Your freedom to get vaccinated does not give you the right to expose other innocent people to life-threatening diseases. As a staff, you have a duty not to expose patients to serious illness. Employees who refuse to vaccinate have nothing to do with health care.

One argument often used by vaccine opponents is that vaccines "are not natural." But what is really "natural" in this context? Historically, it was natural for children to die of an illness at an early age. In 1809, 40 percent of all babies born alive died in Asker and Bærum. Glasses killed up to 500 million people in the 20th century. Before we received vaccines, the parents lived in a continuous and real fear of diseases that barely know the name of today.

Only antibiotics can compete with vaccines when it comes to stopping pointless child death. Despite this undeniable fact, there are still more people who believe that the time before vaccines was a kind of ideal nature. I just do not understand and will do everything I can to fight such a destructive and dangerous mentality.

Resistance to vaccination is increasing, and WHO has highlighted vaccine resistance as one of the top ten global health threats. According to data from the World Health Organization, more than 82,000 people in Europe received measles last year, three times more than in the previous year. If parents do not vaccinate, we risk infecting children with potentially fatal outcomes.

The Progressive National Assembly will consider a number of proposals that will prevent vaccine opponents from infecting innocent children and adults with serious illness. One suggestion is to give kindergartens and schools the possibility of requiring vaccination when ingested. Another is to ask vaccine requirements for health, school, and kindergarten employees. Perhaps we should also do like Iceland – introduce vaccination as a criterion for obtaining a permit to enter Norway?

We were able to eradicate diseases earlier. Now, as a society, we must dare to make a controversial debate and ensure that today's fatal diseases are eradicated. So we have to stop pulling the vaccine's shoulders – it also concerns your children.


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