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– I thought everyone would hate it

BIG PAPER: Maisie WIlliams plays Arya Stark in "Game of Thrones". Photo: AP

The actress who plays Arya Stark in "Game of Thrones" says that she was very surprised when she read the script for the third episode of the series' eighth season.

After seeing "The Long Night" or "The Long Night", viewers are left with many questions.

The fierce battle of Winterfell did not give the expected result, and many great fanatics and myths were killed in this episode, writes Vox, who also lists who survived the night.

SPOLIER WARNING: Did not see the episode? If you do not want to know what's happening, stop reading now.

Surprising in turn

Maisie Williams also said that she was very surprised when she realized that it was her character, the young Arya Stark, who would end up being the heroine of the battle against the White Hikers and undead in Winterfell.

"I thought everyone would hate him, that they would think Arya did not deserve this," she told Entertainment Weekly.

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In the episode, it is Arya who saves the seven kingdoms of the villain the king of the night, or the King of the Night, that she kills with the same dagger that saved the life of Bran in the first season.

Through eight seasons, we followed Arya Stark from being a child until she experienced seeing more family members brutally killed and even training to become a killer.

KING NIGHT: What was your true identity? Does not respond to the episode. Photo: Helen Sloan, HBO

Williams thinks it must have been a challenge for the creators of the series and actually let the greatest immortal villain die:

"This should be done intelligently, otherwise people will think," The villain may not have been so bad if a 45-pound girl can only stab him to death, "she says, adding,

"When I told my girlfriend, he said," Hmm. It should have been Jon, did not he?

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Eventually, however, the actress came to the conclusion that this was the time when Arya had worked for six seasons. A peptalk with Melisandre, who returns to Winterfell in this episode, also contributed, she says.

"Besides, it's so unexpected, and that's what this series does. So I thought, Fuck Jon, I'll take it, Williams tells the site.

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– I thought it would be me!

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, says he was equally astonished:

– I thought it would be me! But I like it, it makes sense all the training for Arya that she should have a goal, he says and adds,

I still think someone will be frustrated. It's Jon who has been hunting the Night King all the time, and someone is waiting for this epic battle that never comes, he tells Entertainment Weekly.

Nor is it anyone who truly believes that the Night King actually died during this battle. The site of Gamesradar releases several theories to the contrary: Maybe she killed another? Maybe he wakes up from the dead again?

They listed a number of questions that they hope will be answered in the next three episodes of the series.

In the meantime, be patient with patience. The next episode is released Monday in a week.

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