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"I know he would have been proud."


PAPER THOUGHT: – Some thoughts went through my head when I was there in the player's tunnel, says Vilde Bøe Risa about the World Cup debut at the VG meeting on Tuesday. Photo: BJØRN S. DELEBEKK

ANTIBES (VG) Vilde Bøe Risa lost her father abruptly a maid's day in 2013. Six years later, father Terje Risa is still involved when the 23-year-old lives the dream of football with the women's team at the World Cup in France .

There was never any theme around the dinner table that Daddy's Vilde would become a professional footballer and play on the national team, but it was the goal that governed everything the girl did. All the choices, so many tough teenage priorities – all to be the best you can.

Now she is staying here at the great Beachcomber French Riviera hotel in Antibes, made her 20th international at age 23 and debuted at a World Cup. And on Wednesday night, home-grown favorites await France in the summer heat of Nice. It does not get any better, you hardly get any harder in football.

Vilde Bøe Risa was in the sky after 3-0 against Nigeria in the opening match.

– It happened when I was about to leave the track for Nigeria, which is now "just" the mother sitting in the bleachers, but that's it, and I accepted it. Some thoughts flashed through my head as I stood there in the tunnel, admitting an honest Bøe Risa after the dream began in Reims.

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Because there was one thing missing, Papa Terje, he had about 90 games for Fire. He who trained in childhood and adolescence and taught him more about football.

"This is the biggest I can experience as a footballer, and I can already experience it now, I appreciate it a lot. I know he'd be proud. I understand when I talk to my father's friends and mother friends who send messages and just say that, says the 23-year-old and admits she's quite proud of herself because she did it.

– I've had some adversity in life with the cruciate ligament injury and it, so I got it at such an early age that I think more people are proud. I'm not pointing, I'm not done. I'll stay for a few more years.

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Let's get "him" first. Father Terje died abruptly on 21 May 2013, only 52 years under the Skjærgårdsrittet bicycle race in Sotra, just outside Bergen. The heart failed.

The cruciate ligament injury came before the European Championship in 2017. Vilde then received the wonderful message from coach Martin Sjögren that she would be taken to the Netherlands. It would be a year before she got back on track.

She really has her basses on and off the field, Vilde Bøe Risa. That's why we ask her if she has an intimate dialogue with her father at times.

PAPPA LAUGH: classic settlement in western Norway in 1985. Fire Terje Risa (t.v.) in duel with player Viking Nils Ove Hellvik in black and white. Photo: Tore Berntsen

"There are many who ask about it, whether I think about it or talk to it. It's now six years since he died. You get used to it and it fits. You're my mother now. I feel more like this, sometimes I feel that "now I would like him to take part," or I could wish him to see me and what I got and I got. It is rare for me to take it into everyday life. It will be more if great or sad things happen.

She may share something with soccer girlfriend Andreas Vindheim, although it will not be easier when he leaves Sweden and Malmö in favor of Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic. Bøe Risa plays for Göteborg FC on a daily basis.

– It's cool for him. We speak that we have lived apart for four years and agree that we are now focusing on each of our careers and seeing how far this goes for both. It was your choice to become a better football player, and I totally support him, I think it will be good for him. He needed something new, he's been in Sweden for a long time. This is greater, there are better facilities and a step forward during the game. I think it will be good for him.

"But will it be good for you in Gothenburg, where do you have your job?"

"Although we both lived in Sweden, it was a three-hour drive to meet us. It's going to be a bit much when you only have 24 hours to see yourself. It does not even come close, but maybe more flexible. Now it will be the Czech Republic, but it is going well, says Bøe Risa.

So she likes the fact that Mama Agathe is on the "adventure" here in France now. The mother saw the World Cup debut in Reims, she sits on the bleachers here in Nice on Wednesday night – and she's ready to return if Norway do the work and get out of the group stage.

In her daughter she sees much of the man, because the similarities are many, we must believe in the daughter.

"I think we're practically the same, actually. He was small and had an overview – him too. He played a central midfield and liked to hit set pieces. Mom says we're running the same way. I do not know how good he was, but with so many games for Brann he must have some qualities on the football field.

There's the daughter, too. That's why she was also captain of several national teams throughout her career. And there is also the goal.

– I was lucky, but my ambitions are to play at the highest international level for several years and dominate there. In the long run, I've always been a kind of captain, so in a few years I think it could have been very exciting for me. I learn from Maren (Mjelde) now. It would be the maximum: to lead Norway in a championship that Maren does in style now.

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