Wednesday , January 20 2021

Huawei launches the best camera phone in the world. You may not be able to buy it

Yesterday, Huawei launched Mate 40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro +. The company has a habit of launching two high-end series annually, and Mate was launched in the fall.

Due to the American boycott of the company, which resulted in the inability to use Google’s service platform, they struggled with sales in the West while building their own service platform.

It has not yet been decided whether the new cell phones will arrive in Norway, but will be sold as hot wheat bread in China and other Asian countries.


In shock: Huawei’s head of consumer technology, Richard Yu, is unaffected by the American boycott. He drives as before with great zeal. Photo: Huawei

Mate 40 Pro has already been voted the best camera phone that DXOMark experts have tested. It is at the top of the range of the rear cameras and the selfie camera. We cannot remember that no new phone has won both gold medals at the same time.

DXOMark concludes that the camera’s configuration is quite similar to what was released on the P40 Pro this spring, but with some minor changes. Many of the improvements that brought the model to the top, in fact by a good margin for the next on the list (which is the Mi 10 Ultra), are also due to the software that was developed and that beats the P40. While the Mate 40 Pro gets a new maximum rating of 136 on the camera and 104 on the selfie camera, the Xiaomi gets 133 and 83.


More sound in a smaller format: not long after Huawei launched the Huawei Sound X in Norway, which may be the successor to Huawei Sound will arrive. Photo: Huawei

With a periscope-mounted camera with a 5X optical zoom, they have the same optical magnification as the Samsung Note S20. But does not stop there. Huawei also launches a Pro + version of Mate 40, in the same way that it came with the corresponding plus model of the P40 Pro, which had a 10X optical zoom. You also receive Mate 40 Pro +. In the form of a telecamera with 3X zoom and another with 10X zoom mounted on the periscope. We tested the P40 Pro + this summer and have never seen images that sharp before.


A few days after Apple launched the new Iphone 12, with the world’s first processor made in 5 nm technology, Huawei now comes with one in the same structure width. But while Apple’s version broke the record for a time with 11.8 billion transistors, the new Kirin 9000 will have 15.3 billion. The processor also has the 5G modem built into the chip, which makes things faster.

Headphones: had to come. Huawei is now entering the lucrative noise-canceling headphones market with “Freebuds Studio”. They have what the company claims to be intelligent dynamic noise reduction and Hi-Fi quality. Photo: Huawei

The screen is at 90 Hz which makes the movement more fluid, a technology that surprisingly did not come on the Iphone this time.

Super charge

It shouldn’t be said how good it is for the phone, but in Mate 40 Pro and Pro +, the world’s fastest charger is also included. One watt more than recently launched the OnePlus 8T which had a new record of 66 watts.

As if that were not enough, phones can charge wirelessly with 50 watts, as well as reverse other phones or watches with full 5 watts.

Compared to the P40 models, the phones have a slightly larger battery of 4.4 Ah.

It’s the price? We don’t know anything about it. If it does, it will definitely be cheaper than what Apple and Samsung want for their tops.

One, – no, two more things

In the absence of sales opportunities in the West, Huawei fills in several categories of new products. Now comes headsets with active noise reduction and a new small speaker, Huawei Sound, which they produce, but which is designed by French Devialet.

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