Housing prices fell 0.6 percent in October


Home prices fell / rose by 0.6% in October compared to the previous month.

It shows the house price statistics across the country that have been prepared by Property Value for Property Norway.

Corrected by seasonal variations, housing prices remained unchanged in October.

– In October, house prices fell normally in the month. With seasonally adjusted and unchanged prices, the moderate price trend continues in relation to previous months. Accumulated, so many homes in Norway have never been sold before as in 2018. This indicates a good balance between supply and demand and a well-functioning real estate market, "says Christian Vammervold Dreyer, General Manager of Property Norway.

«Great activity»

In October, 9,034 households were sold in Norway, which represents six percent more than in the corresponding month in 2017.

"There has been a lot of activity in the real estate market last month, and so far this year, 2.0 percent more homes were sold than at the same time in the record year of 2015," Dreyer said.

In October, 10,013 households were sold for sale in Norway, which represents 10.2% more than the same month last year.

"Although there is a record number of homes sold, there are also significantly more homes for sale than usual at this time of year. We must return before the financial crisis to find a month of October with more new homes on the market. that the supply of homes for sale remains stable at a high level in the country and that buyers have many homes to choose from, "says Dreyer.

Thus, housing prices evolved here in October of last year:

Seasonally adjusted prices in parentheses.

2017: – 0.3% (0.3%)

2016: 0.6% (1.3%)

2015: – 1.1% (-0.3%)

2014: -0.1% (0.8%)

2013: 1.6% (- 0.8%)

2012: -0.1% (0.7%)

2011: 0.2% (0.9%)

2010: 0.4% (1.2%)

2009: 0.3% (1.2%)

2008: -3.8% (-3.0%)

2007: – 1.2% (-0.3%)

(Seasonal correction made in connection with the September report of Norway.)

Source: Property of Norway. Finn.no, Property Value.

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