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A reed reed pipe meets the NRK at the entrance to the so-called high-altitude pool at Øvre Kleppe. Geir Ove Haugland, from the sewage and effluent treatment plant, climbs a ladder and lights up in the pool.

If the day after the suspicion that the infection came from the high-altitude pool, they are here and collected water samples, says Haugland.

The water seems clear and clean, but it is this pool of the 60s that probably spread the infection that made about 2000 patients in Askøy.

The pool is now disconnected from the rest of the watercourse and will never be used again.

Reeds that are disconnected

WASTE SEAT: This tube brought water from the high basin and out into the hammock, probably with the result that people were sick.

Photo: Valentina Baisotti / NRK

Infection of animals

With the inflatable inflatable boat, officials from Askøy County inspected the interior of the pool.

Inside the thick pool, they found cracks in the ceiling. If the cracks extend to the surface, rainwater may have dragged bacteria from the animal wash into the drinking water, which was sent directly to kitchen sinks in the south of Askøy without any further cleaning.

– We found cracks. But it is too early to tell if they are complete, says Vass and wastewater manager Anton Bøe for NRK.

On the whole side of the rash, each on two sides, animal feeding has been one of several possible sources of infection.

Inside the tall pool in Øvre Kleppe, Askøy

HIGH QUARTER: Then, he looked into the tall basin when the NRK came in.

Photo: Sissel Rikheim / NRK

Will empty the pool

In recent days, the county is fortified to believe that this is the source of the infection. They are close, stating that the infection by animals causes the outbreak of the disease.

Local counselors tried to collect water samples from the roof. It turned out to be difficult because there has been little rain lately.

"We have to empty the pool so a geologist can go in and look at the mountain," Bøe says.

Illustration of tall pool in Øvre Kleppe in Askøy

EARTH BATHROOM: There are five feet of mountain from the pool height to the top, where the masts are. The Høgde basin contains 500,000 liters of water.

Graphics: Morten Skramstad / NRK


The council is considering spraying water with added dye in the soil above the pool and see if it crosses the roof.

Emptying the pool can only occur when police give a clear signal. They are waiting for new water samples taken by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Responding to these tricks, this wicked one.

"We have a meeting today with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and we can probably empty the pool. It will be released during the day, says Deputy Mayor Bård Espelid.

The door to the tall pool in Askøy

DISCOVERED: In this high-altitude basin of Askøy, traces of the bacterial bacterium campylobacter were detected.

Photo: Leif Rune Løland / NRK

Check the theory of the explosion

One of the neighbors was approved in 2014, just meters from the pool entrance, BT wrote. It was speculated that work may have contributed to the mountain blast.

"We can not exclude him, but the detonation work was a few years ago. A geologist must consider whether this theory can be maintained. say Bøe.

pool height 3

FEATURES: The cracks in ruins are to look at the ceiling. The council still does not know if the cracks are renting up to the surface.


Geir Ove Haugland, VA, Askøy

VA: Geir Ove Haugland, from the Sewer and Sewage Treatment Plant in the town of Askøy, shows NRK around the upland basin.

Photo: Valentina Baisotti / NRK


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