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Helene Hima and Ole Karoliussen from "Ex on the Beach": – Talk about romance: – You managed to keep it a secret

"I really do not like people my age and I usually prefer older men. However, I have maybe the islands up to Ole lately," explains "Ex on the Beach" participant Helene Hima, 23, to Dagbladet.

On Tuesday, reality show colleague Ole Andreas Karoliussen (22) shared a suspicious and baffling birthday congratulations on Hama's Facebook wall, which he described as the "sweetheart" of 23 years.

In private photos Dagbladet saw, she sits on Karolius' prey and kisses him, which gave water to the mill for romance.

– Comic

Even Helene Hima, who made big headlines while talking to midfielder Frank Løke (38), on Seø Hør's 40th birthday in September, is a secret thing when the Dagbladet plays.

"So we're not dating, but maybe something happens later." It's a little comical, because inside "Ex on the Beach," I did not touch it with a finger.

Vestlendingen reveals that she was not prepared for Karlovy Vary's birthday greetings.

"People ask me about what's going on between me and Ole all the time, and when he shares it on Facebook, it's all about family and everything, so we just have to become boyfriends now, she chases.

I held this secret

Ole Karoliussen laughs when Dagbladet confronts him with what Hima told him. It was not a simple matter to get hold of him since he fell to hell losing his phone.

Eventually, he calls the phone to a colleague, and it seems almost astonished that the "relationship" is revealed.

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"We managed to keep it a little secret for a while, I'm not that active in social media, so there was not anyone who saw it, but the other participants started asking questions about what's happening now, and it's so good to say what it is , he says.

Neither he nor Hima wants to define what they have as a relationship now, but none of them hides from the fact that there may soon be more between them.

"We're going to have a talk for the weekend, I'm at work, but when I get back, we'll have the conversation about who we are, but I can say that we do not date other people, we agree, it flies.

Where the hot shaking ends, you'll get the answer after the weekend. However, neither of them hides that they are having fun and enjoying each other's company.

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No contacts

Karoliussen scored on the reality show with several novels, but first she should find happiness after the recording ended. However, it looked like he was going to leave Mauricio with his girlfriend. He had a good tone with Rikke Isaksen and Andrea Madsen.

The latter had a "good", but it ended when both returned to Norway.

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"Everything there is so organized that you can find the tone with someone." You live with other people 24 hours a day, so it's not so strange that you get caught. Every day, however, they waited at home in Norway, and things changed rapidly. I think we tried for a month, but it was not us, Madsen previously told the Dagbladet.

Today, the two have no contact. Hima, on the other hand, had good contact with Daniel Pedersen and Vegard Tungevåg during the recording, but did not get a boyfriend in Mauritius.

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