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He has lost nearly half of voters since March

Conservatives receive only 16% support for BT's measurement in June. Councilman Harald Victor Hove (H) still thinks he's blowing a bourgeois wind over the city.


– 16% Steak

Right-wing advisor candidate in Bergen, Harald Victor Hove, lags behind when BT tells him about the outcome in a whole new measure. There, only 16% of the residents of Bergen respond that they would vote for the conservative if there were elections today.

The corresponding value in March was 29.3%.

After getting a little buzzing, Hove concludes with the following:

"We regard this as an important reminder that we need to talk to the voters.

Commentator of BT: "Hogger fall in Bergen is spectacular"

– Extremely

The one that is not so easy to summarize is BT's election expert Johan Giertsen.

– This is the most extreme measure I've seen on BT in modern times. It will be breathless, he says about the measurement that the Response Analysis performed on BT and VG assignments.

Only half of those who responded who voted for the Conservative Party in the 2017 elections would like to repeat today's election. One room said it will vote on the toll list, while the rest will sit on the fence.

– The right has a loyalty of voters of 39% in this measure. I do not remember having such a low number, "says Giertsen.

Bourgeois wind?

The measurement was recorded from June 19 to 22. A total of 600 Bergeners was asked about what they will vote in the local elections on 9 September.

In addition to the huge decline of the highway, the following is particularly noteworthy:

The big question if this would be the result of the election is who will rule the city. None of the likely management options have the most.

"There's still a bourgeois wind about the city," says Harald Victor Hove.

He points out that the Conservative Party, along with the toll group, Frp, KrF and Venstre, has 35 mandates. It takes 34 to get the most.

Christians and Communists

– But the Conservatives can sit in a city council with the toll group when they have six less representatives than they?

– Political collapse is not necessarily proportional to the size of the party. Negotiations after the election are about 34. We are clear that we are willing to give the city a new city council. And now it's more uncertain on the other side than with us, says Hove.

He believes that the acting city council can not continue if there is such election result.

"If so, Roger Valhammer must bring rubbers and rakes, that is, everything from Christian Democrats to Communists.

"Do you see that liberals and KrF can cooperate with the part of the toll?"

– I do not see that they can find along with Red, SV and MDG. In that case, they should clarify it before the election, says Hove.

Left looks to the left

On the left, however, they are more rejected in collaborating with the toll group than with SV and MDG.

– We want the environment-friendly alliance that the Conservative Party, the Frp and the tolling group invoke, not to come to power. If this is the result of the election, then we want a council led by Ap, where we ourselves are involved, says Horn.

"Hove says a bourgeois wind blows?"

"We probably will not define the party as a bourgeois party. We define them first as a no more toll. It is in the center-left that we will seek solutions if voters bring the city council together in this way, says Horn.

"What does it take to get a new advice from the bourgeois city?"

"We can cooperate with the Conservatives." But now that they have tied themselves so close to the toll group, it will probably be much more, says Horn.

In SV, which in this measure is up to eleven percent, they also do not be intimidated by the idea of ​​cooperating with Venstre and KrF.

– We do not rule out collaborating with anyone. But this can not happen in a city council. The weight should be on the left foot.

Highest among many

However, despite a decline of 0.2 percentage points, there is no doubt who is the biggest winner of the measurement.

Did you threaten all the toll guards were middle-aged men? So you're wrong.

– I am very pleased that we have stabilized on this level. We now receive four measurements in Bergen with between 20 and 25 percent, says a bright and satisfied Trym Aafløy.

"But who will govern the city if that will be the result of the election?"

"We can not conclude anything of this measure. It's all in blue. For us, it is comfortable to be in the middle with 17 representatives. Maybe we can create something completely new. No one knows what big parties are willing to give when they see the writing on the wall, says Aafløy.

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