Saturday , October 23 2021

Hacked Radiohead – demanded a million in ransom


BULLSHIT: Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood again share those who hacked the old minidisco and demanded more than a million dollars for the unpublished material that was stolen. Photo: Chris Pizzello / AP

But Radiohead knew the advice and made the stolen material available.

Guitarist Jonny Greenwood writes on the band's Facebook page that vocalist-songwriter Thom Yorke's mini-album was hacked and stolen last week.

There was about 18 hours of archive footage of the time surrounding the recording of perhaps Radiohead's biggest classic, "OK Computer" from 1997.

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The hackers came with a claim of $ 150,000, or 1.3 million kroner, for the material. If not, they would publish everything.

But Radiohead had a reception.

"Instead of complaining – too much – or ignoring it, we post all 18 hours band camp in support of the "Extinction Rebellion", writes Greenwood.

"Extinction Rebellion" is an international protest movement that wants rebellion around the climate issue.

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The band further writes that the material was never intended for the public, although some audio clips were included on the cassette for the release of "OK Computer." Still – if anyone is interested, they can buy the material for 18 pounds (200 NOK) – just for the next 18 days.

"It's just marginally interesting, and very, very far", writes Jonny Greenwood, who concludes with a laconic punishment:

Rainy outside, right?

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