GROCERY STORE , REMA 1000 – Supermarket chains make powerful cuts in Easter favorites


While Kiwi reports cuts on a number of Easter products, the competitor connects all plugs: – Indicates that they have a need for attention, says Harald Kristiansen in Coop.

"We are pushing prices every day and we have reduced the prices of several hundred items just today," says Kiwi Communications Manager Kristine Aakvaag Arvin for Nettavisen.

Many of the cuts are very small, but Arvin confirms that the Kiwi has also reduced the price of several popular Easter products.

  • The favorite trip Kvikk Lunch goes to NOK 20 for a package of Kiwi wood (against previously NOK 32.20), ie NOK 6.7 per plate, a price cut of nearly 40 percent.
  • Oranges, another popular Easterware, brand "Season" reaches $ 6.90 per pound. It is lower than at any time of last year.
  • The shower of Easter Solo and the Super Solo without sugar also became cheaper. A four-and-a-half package of Solo costs NOK 58.90, compared to NOK 69.90.
  • A package of four and a half liters of Super Solo, in turn, costs NOK 57.90, below the 68.90 NOK.
  • Healthy sweets, now called rock frogs, are sold at NOK 9.90 (against NOK 12.90).

CHEAPER THAN FOUR: Oranges now cost NOK 6.90 with Kiwi, less than at any time last year.
Photo: Halvor Ripegutu

– We should be the cheapest anyway, be it every day or party. We are concerned about what is fresh and green and therefore we have reduced the price of both oranges as well as fruits and vegetables in glasses today. Of course we will also be the cheapest in the other products, says Arvin.

Competitors respond

Also Kiwi's competitors say they cut prices. The Coop's low-priced Extra saw the price of a package of four lunch Kvikk at NOK 26.70, ie the NOK 6.7 package, which is as cheap as the Kiwi.

The chain also greatly reduced Minde Easter chocolate from 49.90 NOK to 34.90 NOK. A package of four Solo costs 59.90, that is, a penny more expensive than the Kiwi, but still greatly reduced.

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– As we approach holidays such as Easter, the price of typical seasonal produce always drops. Low price chains follow closely, and Nettavisen's latest price surveys show that there are minimal differences, if any, in price, says Harald Kristiansen in Coop to Nettavisen.

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– No price war

However, he thinks it is not a price war, but rather normal campaigns and price adjustments. Kristiansen therefore uses the opportunity to reach out to the competitor.

COMPETITORS: Kristine Aakvaag Arvin in Kiwi and Harald Kristiansen in Coop.
Photo: Kiwi / Coop

– If the Kiwi suggests that a price war started on Easter products, this suggests that they need attention. Extra has so far grown 11 percent this year. It is possible that this good growth has put pressure on the competition, says Kristiansen.

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"Customers, who own us, know that we promise to be at least as cheap, and we'll keep up the price competition until our 9,000 employees have a well-deserved Easter holiday. There is no reason to be misled by the Kiwi and add your shopping trip to one of our competitors. Extra always has low prices, says Kristiansen.

– more expensive

Kiwi responds by saying that they are Kiwi is the cheapest discount chain in Norway.

– Confirm a price search after the other. In the exchange of fruits and vegetables from VG in February, the Extra was 16% more expensive than us. In addition, we have the biggest bonus in fruits and vegetables. We are proud to be the chain that pushes prices down and works for people's health, says Arvin.

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She adds that Kiwi has the best reputation in the industry.

Kiwi never lurks customers. But we think it's good to report our low prices for oranges, fruit and vegetable cups and smoothies, and we hope to inspire some extra fruits and vegetables at Easter, says Arvin.

Rema accompanies

Also Rema 1000 says they cut prices:

– At Rema 1000 we will have the lowest prices for Easter. Today we reduce the price of some Easter products and we will follow the market to have the lowest prices. Today we have cut prices for, among other things, favorite frozen lambs from Easter, Solo and Kvikk Lunsj, says Frederik Jahr, Rema 1000 press manager, for Nettavisen.

An item that is traditionally cut in these times is small, which, a few years ago, cost only NOK 2.90 per hectare. In recent years, however, price wars have been less intense on this product, and Arvin says the price so far has remained unchanged for this item in the Kiwi.

SMALL CHEAP: The small fruit of the Kiwi now costs less than the usual small ones.
Photo: Halvor Ripegutu

"In response to the wars of small wars, we launched little healthy food in 2017. They have become a huge hit since day one, and healthy baby food is now healthier than normal in kiwi," says Arvin.


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