Greater damage after fire in town house in Elnesvågen –


The chief of police operations in Møre og Romsdal reported at 2:13 pm on Tuesday that emergency services were on their way to Elnesvågen due to a fire report in a housing.

The fire spread rapidly – there are a total of six residential units in the building complex.

A woman should be taken to a hospital in connection with the fire. The extent of the lesion is unknown.

Police are urging residents north of the fireplace to close their windows because of the smoke.

According to the fire department, now there are no people in the houses. Police confirm that there was a danger of proliferation in several directions, but no evacuation of nearby buildings has begun.

Update at 15:05: It looks like there is control over the fire now. A Molde escape car has caused them to get water directly into the flames, so now there is a shutdown in progress.

Update at 2:50 pm: The Romsdals Budstikk, posted on the site, may report that it is still burning inside the complex of the building and that the work of extinction is taking place in its entirety.

The seed fire brigade is being assisted by the Molde fire brigade in the extinguishing work.

The case is being updated.


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