Gearbox boss discusses rumors about Borderlands, looks dark ┬╗ITavisen


play: It will not confirm or deny Epic rumors.

Yesterday, we wrote that the official Borderlands account on Twitter revealed that the game's release date would be September 13, while there were rumors that the Epic Games Store's exclusivity is in the game charts.

– We did not decide

Now, Randy Pitchford takes his sheet out of his mouth, and the boss of the Gearbox, the last thing you want to hear is that he puts forward arguments to use exclusivity as a means of game releases. At the same time, he refers to Take-Two as the game's publisher, and points out that Gearbox only develops the game.

Pitchford does not say whether it will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store or not but it is still interesting to note that he is proposing a very specific scenario in which he is positive about exclusive games when they bring benefits and are limited to a short period of time. specifically six months.

Want to have a cross platform

Anyway – in a subsequent Twitter message, he talks about cross-platform where he says he and the Gearbox team are very keen to implement that if they can.

If you have not received the Borderlands 3 trailer yet or just want to see it again, you'll find it below:

Remember also that promise us more information about the game tomorrow – please stay tuned to the news.



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