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Garmin launches new Forerunner models –

Garmin's Forerunner Exercise Watch has long been among our favorites and now four new models are on the way to stores.

The newcomers were given the names Forerunner 45, Forerunner 245, Forerunner 245 Music and Forerunner 945.

All types of training focus on running – no surprises – with heart rate measurement on the wrist and built-in GPS.

The pair with a smart phone also gives the watches the opportunity to share the position in real time. They have a five button design that should be easy to use – even with gloves, and the screens are easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

Forerunner 45, 245 and 245 Music

The Garmin Forerunner 45 can also check your condition. Photo: Garmin

With the color screen, the ability to customize the displays and the support for advanced training, the new Forerunner 45 should be an advance over the Forerunner 30 base model.

The watch comes in two box sizes: 39mm and 42mm. The indicated battery operation time is up to 7 days in smart clock mode and 13 hours in GPS mode.

If you miss out on advanced and customized race analysis and recovery opportunities, the Forerunner 245 is the continuation of the 235. It also comes in a music version that is compatible with the music streaming services Spotify and Deezer. In addition, up to 500 songs can be entered manually.

Garmin Forerunner 245. Photo: Garmin

The Forerunner 245 and its musical brother do everything the Forerunner 45 can do, but they also have tools for calculating exercise status, recovery time, and the effect of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It is also possible to view advanced and dynamic race information directly on the watch with compatible equipment.

In addition, the Forerunner 245 / Music has a pulse-based "Pulse Ox" sensor that supposedly measures how lactic acid is absorbed.

The watches should have up to 7 days of battery life in smart clock mode, up to 11 hours in GPS mode and up to 6 hours in GPS mode with music.

Top Forerunner 945

The Forerunner 945 is designed for the discerning elite runner looking for a watch that does it all. Whether or not 945 meets all requirements is a little early to say, but that Garmin has filled a lot of functionality, there is no doubt about it.

The Garmin Forerunner 945 also features maps. Photo: Garmin

Here is room for up to 1000 songs and over time Garmin PAY has a contactless payment for the person who needs it. In addition, it is pre-programmed with colored graphics that can help the runner if it is loaded correctly.

Of course, time also comes with opportunities for performance monitoring, while a training load tool classifies exercise history into different categories based on the structure and intensity of the activity.

You also get profiles of built-in activities such as cross-country skiing, mountain hiking or yoga. The Forerunner 945, like the 245, has the new Pulse Ox sensor, which measures how well lactic acid is absorbed.

The watch should have up to 2 weeks of battery life in smart clock mode, up to 24 hours in GPS mode and up to 10 hours in GPS mode with music.

Prices and availability

The new Forerunner models will be available in May. At Garmin, the price of $ 2099 is for the Forerunner 45, while the Forerunner 245 costs 3199 or 3699, depending on whether or not you want the music capability.

The Forerunner 945 was priced at NOK 6399. This model is also available in a "Tri-Bundle" package with two silicone straps and two heart rate straps for NOK 7999.

You will also find a comparison of models on the Garmin website.

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