Former Amazon businessman gets $ 322 billion in divorce


MacKenzie Bezos gives the ex-husband the right to vote on Amazon shares.

It is American Time Magazine who writes that MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos agree to the divorce settlement. According to the magazine, the founder of e-commerce giant Amazon retains 75% of the shares it held before the divorce. The last 25% take their ex-wife out of their 25-year marriage.

Amazon shares made Bezos the richest in the world. According to Time, MacKenzie Bezos shares are worth $ 36 billion, or less of NOK 322 billion.

On Twitter she writes that she leaves the voting rights that the shares give the ex-husband. It also leaves the property of the Washington Post and Blue Origin space exploration firm Jeff Bezos.

"I'm looking forward to my own plans. I'm grateful for the past and I look forward to what's to come," she writes on Twitter.

Time writes that Jezz Bezos remains the largest shareholder of Amazon. He was also on twitter today. He tells his followers of gratitude to all the friends and family who supported him and shared his love.

"It means more than you think.Above all, MacKenzie is.I am grateful for your support and kindness in this process."

The couple announced their divorce in January. Not long after, the National Enquirer scandalist claimed that Bezos had a relationship out of wedlock.

This sparked speculation about how the couple's wealth would be divided. This was estimated at $ 149 billion at the time, ie NOK 1.332 billion.

The couple has four children.

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