Ford is betting 100 billion in electric car


AMSTERDAM (Broom / TV 2): Ford has delayed the investment in electric cars so far. Some hesitant attempts were also not a success – but now the offensive begins.

We at Broom have just been in Amsterdam for a big event called "GoFurther". With the press from all over Europe present, Ford has had a series of news releases here. And – they narrowed the veil around how they imagined the transition from fossil to electric.

At the bottom is an investment of 100 billion NOK. Ford will invest this money in new technologies and new models. Both electrified power lines and clean electric cars.

New and rechargeable SUV

Here is about everything from the so-called moderate hybrid, for hybrid and rechargeable hybrid – to electric cars. Ford electrifies several of its existing models, while several new ones are underway. In addition, these are passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The biggest new passenger car in Amsterdam was the world premiere of a new Kuga. Ford family SUV now comes as both hybrid and rechargeable hybrid. The latter has an electric range of 50 kilometers and can become a very interesting car in the Norwegian market. It will have very few competitors, while the favorable tax levels for this type of car should provide attractive prices.

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The new Ford Kuga comes as a rechargeable hybrid, which can be a very important car in Norway.

600 km range

Now also the big SUV is going to Europe and Norway. Because of the powertrain (read: big engines), this has been more or less here at home so far. But now the Explorer also comes as a rechargeable hybrid, so should also be launched on the Norwegian market. Here Ford gets a top model as a trailer!

Ford also gives us some information about its upcoming and highly anticipated electric car. It is known that this is also an SUV. And Ford is really hitting the big drum in range. Up to 600 kilometers, the number we get is in Amsterdam. The car should be inspired by the Mustang sports car icon, both in design and steering characteristics. We think it is the size of the Kuga, but with a more sporty design.

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Ford Explorer is America's best-selling SUV; now comes to Europe and Norway as a rechargeable hybrid.

Electric van

In addition, both Fiesta and Focus also come as lightweight hybrid. This means a battery that, among other things, absorbs the energy of the brake. This reduces consumption and emissions. Ford further contends that the combination of gasoline engine and 48-volt battery provides at least as low power consumption as in a diesel engine.

Ford really hit the big drum in Amsterdam.

Ford apparently also thinks seriously about electrifying its commercial vehicles in Europe. There are also several technological solutions here.

A prototype of the all-electric new 2-tonne Transit was exhibited at the "GoFurther" event. This is put into production in 2021. The van is designed to meet the needs of those transporting goods in urban environments. It is available with several bodybuilders, obtains a competitive payload capability and is always "online."

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In two years, this will be on the market: a fully electric Ford Transit.

eight places

In addition, comes the Transit Custom rechargeable hybrid, a front-wheel drive car driven by an electric motor / generator with a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. Ford's award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol engine functions exclusively as a range extender, which charges the battery on trips where grid load and regeneration of brake energy do not provide enough range.

The great eighth and eighth Tourneo Custom also comes as a rechargeable hybrid. It is intended for the transport of passengers in business and for families with extra large space requirements. The car has an assumed CO2 emission of 75 g / km and an official consumption of 0.33 l / mil.

The eighth and eighth Tourneo Custom is also part of Ford's electrifying wave and comes as a rechargeable hybrid.

Cooperation with Volkswagen

For business customers who drive a lot in cities or other places where there is a lot of start and stop, light hybrid technology of 48 volts should offer lower operating costs. It is available in transit of 2 tons, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom from the middle of 2019. When driving in the city, with a lot of start and stop, according to Ford, consumption can be reduced by up to 8% with this technology.

In utility vehicles, Ford also collaborates with another company that has come a long way in electrification, Volkswagen. Through this alliance, Ford will develop and build mid-sized pickups and large utility vehicles for both companies. There are enough reasons to wait for more power solutions.

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