Thursday , October 21 2021

First part of Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place exclusively in Midgard – accommodates two blu-ray discs


After showing small clips and trailers of Final Fantasy VII Remake last month, Square Enix finally revealed how the new version will actually work.

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Tifa was shown for the first time. Screenshot: Square Enix

During the E3 conference last night, on Tuesday, the developer answered the two biggest questions we've had since the announcement four years ago. First of all, this first episode will only deal with the Midgard part of the original game, but in return it seems like there is a lot of game to download here.

According to producer Yoshinori Kitase, the Final Fantasy VII Remake has grown enough to be a very special game. While it originally took five to six hours to get through Midgard, there was enough content in Remake that needed two blu-ray discs to accommodate everything.

The combat system revealed

How the Battle System Works in Final Fantasy VII Remake. (Video: punish)

In addition, the developer showed how the combat system works and what we get is a kind of combination of dynamic and turn-based battles. Players control one figure at a time and distribute common attacks with the square button.

Eventually, the ATB meter fills up, allowing you to use features like magic, more powerful attacks, or various objects. This activates the Tactical Mode, which interrupts the time until you choose the property you want to use. The Materia system is back, and players place different variations of the small balls on both weapons and armor to gain access to magic and other things.

At any time, you can switch between the characters in the group to use attacks or properties that match the battle situation. If you prefer, you can stop the time and ask the other characters directly, but they can also continue with their own attacks automatically.

In the press release that Square published on Tuesday morning, the publisher again tells us that Final Fantasy VII Remake comes "first for the PlayStation 4." Thus, it seems increasingly likely to appear on other platforms over time.

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