Few people vaccinate, 300% increase in measles cases


The health organization compared the numbers of the first three months of 2019 with the first three months of last year.

– Although they are preliminary and incomplete numbers, this shows a clear trend. Many countries are in the midst of large outbreaks of measles, and in all regions of the world there is an increase in the number of measles cases, a statement said.

So far this year, 170 countries reported a total of 112,163 cases of measles, compared with 28,124 cases last year.

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Compulsory vaccination

According to WHO, the number of actual cases of illness will always be higher than the numbers reported. This means that it is reasonable to assume that the first numbers for 2019 are very low.

The most dramatic increase has been in Africa, where vaccine coverage is lower than in the rest of the world, with a sevenfold increase in measles incidence.

At the same time, there were also big leaps in other parts of the world. Recent weeks have included measles outbreaks in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Some of the residents of these areas opposed vaccination for religious reasons.

A total of 285 cases of measles have been reported in New York since October, and last week New York Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced mandatory vaccination.

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Requires high degree of vaccination

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease that causes a rash with fever and can lead to a severe stroke.

The virus is transmitted through droplet infestation and can be potentially fatal to malnourished children, children with health problems or very young children to be vaccinated. If one is infected, there is no specific treatment.

Preventing measles infection requires that 95 percent of the population have taken the vaccine, called herd immunity, in order to protect the small proportion who can not, on a medical basis, take the vaccine.

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