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Explosion at the Hydrogen Station in Sandvika: – Very surprised


SANDVIKA (VG) Two people were injured when the airbag was triggered by the pressure of the powerful explosion. Police are still working at the site on Tuesday morning.

– I heard a loud bang, never heard in my life more powerful, says Kawa Ihsan, who was about 50 feet away when he narrowed.

Police received the first reports of the blast at the unmanned hydrogen station at Sandvika Storsenter in the municipality of Bærum at 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

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Created queues: E18 and E16 reopened

The situation was initially described as "chaotic," and police set a safe distance of 500 meters, but this is a late Monday night of about 300 meters.

The east traffic hub announces Tuesday morning closed roads on the E18 in Sandvika after the explosion at a hydrogen plant in Sandvika on Monday. Both the exit towards E16 and the collision of the E16 towards Oslo are closed. County Road 618 Sandviksveien is closed in Kadettangen.

"We will continue to work on site at night, but the goal is to be completed tomorrow morning so that all roads can be opened before the morning race," operating leader Cathrine Silju told VG Monday night.

She says people from UnoX and the Fire Department are inside the facility.

– The risk is lower, but the plant is not 100% newly reported, and the fire service continues to cool it.

At 0430 on Tuesday morning, committee director Rune Hekkelstrand told VG that experts are still working on the site.

"We still intend to finish as soon as possible," he says.

Two slightly damaged

The fire brigade feared several blasts for a long time, but came down on Monday night. To extinguish the fire and cool the hydrogen tanks, they used a robot with a camera, as well as a fire lift with a water pistol.

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A police helicopter and a drone also helped at work. Police Commissioner Magnus Strande says so far they do not know the cause of the explosion.

"We have no information that anyone was at the station when it exploded." Two people are sent to the emergency room with minor injuries.

According to police, they were injured when the airbags were triggered as a result of the pressure after the explosion. Several witnesses also told about this.

FIRE: This image was taken only seconds after the hit. A car (which is the wire in the photo) was then very close to parts of the hydrogen station, which was knocked over. Photo: 2200 tips

"Hydrogen is one of the most explosive gases we have. Of course, such an accident is serious. On the other hand, I've never heard of an accident like this happening before. I am very surprised and therefore it is important for the authority to discover the cause.

That's what Sindre Østby Stub, a Zero Hydrogen Advisor, tells VG.

Hydrogen is stored under high pressure. But because hydrogen is much lighter than air, all leaking and flame will go forward. And all this stock is designed with unwanted events in mind, Stub continues.

SUSPENSION FUND: Here the robot traced from the fire service is in action. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Sigmund Østtveit Størset, research manager for SINTEF and a hydrogen expert, also did not hear of similar explosions, such as that which occurred in Sandvika on Monday afternoon.

– Hydrogen is a large-scale gas used in many industrial settings around the world and you have a good experience dealing with hydrogen as other things that can also be dangerous. But I do not know what happened in this case, says Størset to VG.

– He was terrified

VG talked to several witnesses about a powerful explosion, and after that there was a lot of smoke from the place. Sverre Wang was sitting in the car and had just passed the station when he narrowed.

I thought you were dead. The car slammed violently, and the car, a 2.2-ton Outlander, slammed violently on the road. My dog ​​was terrified. It was a huge pressure, he says.

Extremely loud bangs and windows made a loud sound. There was fire and lots of smoke, says a neighbor overlooking the VG.

Brita Brynestad (61) was together with dog Chase and the man, Svein Hagen, in their daily walk in the park very close to the station.

"We were about sixty feet away when we suddenly heard a strange crackling sound. It was very strange. It sounded like gas leaking from something. Then something hit hard just a few seconds later.

She says there was more and more smoke, besides big flames.

– It was my whole body. You get scared. It was completely surreal all that, says the 61-year-old man, who says that eventually a firefighter came running after them.

"He said we could not go there and we had a lot of fun." I feel like we've hunted down angels.

UnoX set up a crisis team at the Lysaker and, on Monday night, specialized teams assisted the fire department in finding out the cause of the blast.

General manager Jens Haugland told VG he did not want to speculate on what happened, and that the company, in the first place, wants to help the emergency services that are on site with specific professional competence.

"Of course, we are also concerned about securing the situation and ensuring that the environment is safe and secure," he says.

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